How To Curate A Luxury Fashion Style

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You might think that a luxury look rests on designer clothes and high-end handbags. However, with just a few tweaks you can take your current wardrobe from everyday to elevated. Here are the essential steps to curating a luxury fashion style without breaking the bank.

Know your sizing

First and foremost, know your sizing. You want your clothes to fit like a glove, so they give the impression that they were made just for you rather than bought off the rack.

Find out your key measurements which include your waist and hip width and inside leg length. If applicable, you should also book an appointment to find out your correct bra size. Choosing clothes based on your measurements rather than relying on commercial sizing which can vary between shops will ensure an excellent fit every time.

For pieces like suits, it’s well worth using a tailor to fine-tune the garments to match your body shape.

Find your colours

Everyone is unique, but we all fall into certain categories when it comes to skin tone, and this dictates the shades that we should wear. Wearing harmonious hues will make you look put together while contradictory colours will suggest a lesser sense of style.

You can do an at-home quiz to find out your skin undertones or seek the services of a professional. Those with warm tones look best in earth colours such as red and yellow, while cool tones suit blue and green.

Add accessories

Accessories are an easy and understated way to lift an outfit into the realm of luxury.

You could invest in a watch from a big brand or seek out a special piece of second-hand jewellery crafted out of real gold and gemstones. Having a relatively valuable and unique accessory that you wear daily will add opulence to all of your outfits.

Luxury accessories
Luxury accessories

Take the same approach with handbags, hats, sunglasses and shoes so that you have a luxury look from head to toe, no matter what clothes you’re wearing.

Invest in basics

One of the steps to curating a luxury fashion style that is often overlooked is investing in the basics. Not all jeans and t-shirts are made the same, and as these form the foundation for most of your looks they should be great quality.

Focus on fit but also the fabrics! Choose natural materials such as cotton and linen over and above thin and shiny options such as polyester and nylon. Not only are these fabrics more breathable and comfortable to wear, but they’ll wash much better than synthetic materials to stand the test of time.

Make a statement

Lastly, don’t forget to make a statement. Confidence is a vital part of looking fashionable, and nothing says confidence more than wearing something that’s deliberately designed to catch the eye.

Add a selection of statement items to your wardrobe and use these sparingly to make a splash at special events. Examples include a blazer for a polished professional look, a striking scarf and a multi-season jacket that pops.

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