How To Create A Luxury Bathroom

luxury bathroom

The bathroom is almost a sacred place in the home. It serves a handful of necessary functions, but in doing so is perhaps the most important room you use everyday. From morning ablutions to washing and grooming, this essential space is at once tool and refuge… And yet it is often passed over in favour of other rooms when you start renovating. Let’s see how to create a luxury bathroom.

Bathrooms are much more than the sum of their parts, but careful attention to those parts can elevate even the most underwhelming of bathing spaces into a truly luxurious environment. Investing in your bathroom is tantamount to investing in yourself, so which ways are the most effective at bringing your bathroom into the realm of regality?

Upgrade the Bath and Shower

Bathing should be an inherently luxurious undertaking, but is often the opposite – particularly where combined bath-shower units are concerned. Showering in a cramped bath can be an undignified way to start your day, to say the least!

luxury bathroom
Luxury bathroom

If your bathroom is small, you could doubly improve it by swapping out your bath for a standalone shower enclosure. This could be sized to your liking, and still leave many space for you to decorate as you wish. If your bathroom is big enough, you could even still have room for a free-standing bath; such a bath, with 360-degree access, is a truly luxuriant thing to experience.

Switch Up Your Fixtures and Fittings

The bath and shower are only the start, considering the changes you can achieve by swapping out some fixtures & fittings. Swapping out faucets and toilet flushers can add some tactile luxury and aesthetics to your space; you can get increasingly granular, too, with small details like your towel rail or toilet roll holder making a great deal of difference to your bathroom’s overall feel.

Add Some Foliage

Bathrooms are often, mistakenly, treated like completely sterile environments on account of their role in the home. This is a mistake that is compounded by attempts to introduce luxury, where characterful additions are eschewed in favour of stark, shiny surfaces. The humble houseplant, then, can be a radical way of re-addressing your luxury bathroom space. The right bathroom-friendly plants can bring individuality to a bathroom, as well as a biophilic lushness that is impossible to replicate any other way.

Change Your Colour Scheme

Finally, but perhaps most impactfully of all, there is the matter of your bathroom’s colour scheme. Many rote bathroom designs rely on the colours and patterns of printed tiles, which are unavoidably artificial-looking and can date quickly too. A careful approach to colour could lead you to suitably regal aesthetics, where regency-era blues and golds represent an especially bold direction. Whites and golds, meanwhile, lean toward the Greco-Roman and could be enhanced with stoneware tiles for a natural finish. A mark of distinction for your luxury bathroom.

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