How Students Can Enjoy An High-End Life In Seattle

Seattle, Washington, USA City Skyline

There are countless reasons that students love the lifestyle that comes with studying and living in Seattle. You can indulge in everything from mountains and lakes to coffee shops, concerts, and farmers’ markets. No matter your interests, Seattle is a unique city with something to enjoy for everyone, especially if you like the finest things in life. For your new student city, there couldn’t be a better option!

Luxury Living

The University of Washington, located in the center of Seattle, has lots to offer for those students who choose to live on campus. There are many UW student housing options that can help you live in the exact way you always imagined. Not to mention the extensive student services offered there, in addition to the 24/7 security patrols that allow to live in a 100% safe area.

Some accommodation options are also available just outside of campus in Seattle, delivering luxurious amenities designed to specifically elevate the standard of living a student gets. These apartments are outfitted with premier interiors, community spaces, and advantageous locations ideal for studying at Washington University. Living like this removes the cramped, messy living often synonymous with student life.

Fine Dining

Fine-dining restaurants and eateries can be found across the city of Seattle. One of the best and most traditional being Shuckers, one of the oldest oyster bars in the US. Shuckers is an intimate setting that features stunning oak carved paneling that was originally installed in the 1930s when the former haberdashery resided here.

Shuckers restaurant, Seattle
Shuckers restaurant, Seattle

Despite this opulent interior, the dress code is casual allowing students to get a piece of the fine life. The menu changes daily but is always filled with the finest fresh fish and seafood, with usually 12 different types of oysters served in six varying ways. If you’re looking to eat premium at a budget price, Monday to Friday, 3-5 pm is happy hour with oysters available for $2 a pop.

Luxury Entertainment

The art community of Seattle is thriving more than ever, making it the perfect destination for young creatives. The Seattle Art Museum centers this bustling scene. On the first Thursday of each month, downtown galleries are completely free and open late, allowing fans of the art scene to stroll from show to show and make a proper evening of it. The feeling of luxury in entertainment is always around the corner. Seattle is a hub for performance, with world-class examples of the finer ways of life offered by the Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Repertory Theatre, many other theatres across the country, and the city’s music venues.

Across from the Washington campus, you will find the neighborhood of Capitol Hill, home of the fringe theatre scene. In a short five-minute walk, you can get from campus to many theatres, such as the Balagan, Annex, ReAct, and Schmeater. For film lovers, the Seattle International Film Festival each year brings over 250 films from 50 different countries. This is the largest film festival in all of North America.

Outdoor activities

Seattle University’s campus is less than an hour away from many outdoor adventures that draw visitors worldwide. It’s an excellent place for kayaking, biking, fishing, climbing, or just enjoying the view. Located 20 minutes downhill from campus, Lake Washington is great for swimming on a hot day. You can ski the Cascade Mountains in 45 minutes with fresh powder. Still, have some extra time? Hike the Olympic Mountains to the west or climb Mount Rainier to the south.

Seattle Bainbridge Island Ferry Puget Sound Olympic Snow Mountain
Seattle Olympic Mountains – Picture by

Seattle is perfect all year round for lovers of outdoor adventures. Visitors and students of Seattle are never too far away from their next experience. The coastline is excellent for playing volleyball, soccer, or baseball. Why not spend a day at the beach feeling the sand in your toes or visit the Seattle Aquarium?


Professional sports are very important for Seattleites. Playing at Safeco Field in the afternoon is a great way to spend an afternoon. Or a trip to KeyArena for the Seahawks and the Sounders at Century Link Field. Seattle is one of the few cities that loves playing and watching Soccer. The Sounders attract the most significant average attendance for each game across all teams of Major League Soccer. When you have finished watching soccer, it’s time to return just in time to cheer for the Redhawks.

Coffee culture

As the home of modern-day coffee culture, Seattle has everything you could need if you love a hot cup of joe in the morning. Everything from the classic coffee chain Starbucks to something more family-orientated like Bauhaus Coffee and Books. No matter your chosen cafe, they all bring their own flavor. You can get everything from loud and alternative to quiet and relaxing. With more bookstores per capita than any other city in the country, and each one has a place for coffee in or very close by, Seattle is perfect for a spot of people watching with a drink or having an afternoon read out of the house.

There are more reasons than you could ever count for reasons to study, live, and visit Seattle. There is something for everyone in Seattle, from the vast mountainscape, expansive open lakes, the Puget Sound, concerts, coffee shops, sporting events, and farmer’s markets. In other words, that’s a great place to take your next steps in life gaining experiences from all walks of life and studying along the way.

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