Hosting a Luxury Night-In With Your Besties

Hosting a Luxury Night-In With Your Besties

A night-in with your best friends is sometimes just the thing you need to relax and unwind at the weekend. To take your night-in up a level, little touches of luxury can elevate your evening into something really special. Here are some tips for hosting a luxury night-in that your besties are sure to love.

Decorating Your Room

Creating the right atmosphere is key when hosting a luxury night-in. You want your friends to feel completely comfortable and at ease and also provide a sense of luxuriousness.

Outdoor terrace for a luxury night-in

You could host your evening indoors, perhaps in your living room or now that summer is approaching, you might want to make the most of the longer days and warmer nights and spruce up your garden or other outdoor space to accommodate your guests.

Once you’ve decided on the space you’ll be using, make it cosy with plenty of soft throws, cushions, pillows, and enough seating for everyone who’ll be attending. Mood lighting can also help to create the right ambience, opt for warm hues in lanterns for a cosy, luxurious vibe and twinkling fairy lights to add to the atmosphere.

What’s On the Menu

Why not pick a specific theme for your evening’s menu, such as making fresh pizza or pasta from scratch? This can be a fun way to learn a new skill alongside your friends and also ensures everyone can create something they’ll love.

Small plates for night-in with friends

If you’re looking for a truly sophisticated option, you could host a cheese and wine evening and ask everyone to BYOB so you’ll have a selection of different wines to choose from. Alternatively, you could opt for classic party food or rustle up some quick and easy comfort foods that you know everyone will love.

Seafood is also a great option

Keep things classy while quenching your thirst by pairing your drinks with your chosen dishes, opting for wines or cocktails that will complement the food. You could even create your signature cocktails together and come up with fun names for them.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, consider trying out a new coffee recipe, such as a specialty latte or an international coffee drink, to offer a unique and indulgent option that can be just as exciting to experiment with. 

Picture adding a touch of vintage charm to your culinary adventures with the zesty and delightful Bee’s Knees cocktail, a perfect accompaniment to any occasion.


For entertainment during your night-in, you could opt to play classic party games or do something a little outside of the box. Why not get creative by painting or sketching? You could even draw each other with a prize for the winning portrait!

Playing with friends

If you’d prefer to keep things simple, a board game is always a great place to start. Choose a classic or create your own, such as a personalised ‘Guess Who?’ game where you print out pictures of people you all know, such as mutual friends, infamous exes, or former school teachers!

Home cinema for night-in

After all the food, drink, and laughs, finish the evening by chilling in front of the TV, where you can binge-watch all your favourite films or check out the hottest TV shows on Netflix together.

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