Holy Gems, When Jewelry Bridges Spirituality and Luxury

Holy Gems, When Jewelry Bridges Spirituality and Luxury

As the consumer landscape for luxury brands evolves, purveyors of refined goods are challenged on a daily basis to redefine what the word luxury really means. Is it only about the price? Does craftsmanship and heritage come into play? Are there elements that are more emotional, and even spiritual, that determine what is truly opulent? Let’s see how the jewelry brand Holy Gems answers these questions.

On some level it is an exciting debate that can be researched and discussed with references from materials and workshops to movie stars and fashion icons. Ultimately, regardless of the brand, the single most important element that makes a luxury item what it is – is rarity. The definition of rarity can include a specific amount of time, product distribution, limited materials, and the like.

Emotional ties to luxury

Because something is rare does not necessarily mean that consumers will find it beautiful or wish to own it. It requires a concept around exclusivity and the high price point that the market will dictate based on limited supply. A new jewelry brand, Holy Gems, is adding to the list of what makes an item truly luxurious. In addition to an item being exquisite, expensive, and exclusive, Holy Gems has added “emotional” to the list. This feeling is on a spiritual level and taps directly into the values of today’s discerning customer that is looking for something that goes above and beyond.

The Midst of the Sea by Holy Gems

Spearheaded by a trailblazing female CEO, Tali Shalem is redefining the world of luxury jewelry and is creating a new narrative. It marries a mix of Israel origins of the precious stones and a distinct vision of what the brand represents. This is all achieved while prioritizing ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.

A luxury brand’s journey

Most precious things come with a story and this is true of Holy Gems. It is also at the heart of the brand ethos and a mission that Shalem feels passionate about. A combination of dedication and faith led Avi Taub, the founder of Shefa mining and Shalem’s father, to devote 20 years to locate the rare gemstones. A pioneer in the diamond polishing industry in Israel, Taub believed that precious gems were hidden deep in the ancient ground as described in the Bible, although scientists and geologist had said that it was not possible. Upon his death, his daughter became CEO of the company and continued his quest.

Unique ring by Holy Gems

Today, the Holy Gems collection is made of 101 one-of-a-kind pieces with rare gemstones from the Holy Land of Israel.  The collection epitomizes a bold, assertive glamour innately executed with strokes of supreme artistry. Stunning selections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for women and several pieces for men feature blue and green sapphires, burgundy and red garnet, black spinel, and a new gem Carmel Sapphire. 

The Regal Majesty by Holy Gems

Credibility as a foundation

All the gems undergo a delicate polishing process to reveal their natural properties. Each piece is set on a stage of 18K gold and is individually handcrafted using a microscopic level of accuracy. Each piece is certified by a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisals. Michaela Taub, the lead jewelry designer, is gifted in her ability to creating pieces that embody the luxury and elegance of heritage pieces, while bringing in inspirations from biblical verses, and still fitting a modern mold. 

The Royal Earrings by Holy Gems

It is said that if a brand takes away exclusivity and rarity, then the luxury piece will lose its luster. The reason why Holy Gems is expected to hold a special place in the luxury market is the willingness of consumers that appreciate jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind and their emotional attachment to where the materials came from. This is a fundamental understanding and foundation upon which the entire idea of luxury is based upon.

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