High-End Wedding Trends To Embrace In 2023

High-End Wedding Trends To Embrace In 2023

Big guests lists, princess-like dresses, and multi-tiered cakes have officially re-entered the building, after a tough couple of years for the wedding industry. Brides and grooms are choosing to have their cake and eat it too With many spending more, choosing providers more wisely, and opting for exciting destination weddings that take the word ‘party’ to the next level.

If you will be planning a wedding over the next few months, and you’d like it to be an elegant and glamorous occasion, may the following 2023 trends lead the way.

Opting for a Wedding Band with Sparkles

Over the past few years, couples have been more inclined to shun simple yellow or white gold ring. Indeed, they opt for wedding bands that shine and sparkle in the light. Wedding jewelry is, after all, an investment, so why wear a ring every day that makes you feel ‘flat’ or fails to capture your sartorial flair?

Wedding band with sparkles

These days, wedding bands come in various styles. Some of the most popular are eternity-style, diamond-encrusted, and pave bands. Even those seeking to go diamond-free are opting for more fashionable styles that express their personality. Some of the coolest materials used include hammered gold, beveled platinum rings, and rings made in tungsten carbide. The penchant for stacking means that today’s luxury wedding rings look beautiful when stacked with diamond band rings and solitaries alike.

The Romance of Como

Lake Como is officially on the top of the list for destination weddings, as per Condé Nast Traveller. Ensconced at the base of the Alps, it is Italy’s third-largest lake, and it has an ethereal feel that makes it an ideal backdrop to romantic shots.

Lake Como, Italy

Discerning couples opt to rent gorgeous villas with carefully manicured gardens, prioritizing venues that are on the waterfront. If a destination wedding is in the card, other destinations that are currently holding sway are Santorini, Greece; Ibiza in the Balearic Islands; and Provence, France.

Color is Back

Traditional weddings were usually a little more uniform in terms of color than they are today. For instance, bridesmaids were traditionally dressed in one color, style, and material. The new millennium is all about celebrating values like diversity, individuality, and personalization.

Rustic banquet

As such, chic brides are dressing their bridesmaids in a wide variety of colors and in styles that best suit the individual’s style, shape, and tastes. The result is beautiful, vivid photographs with a more designer, chic look than in the past. Color is also making its way into bridal fashion and engagement jewelry. If Jennifer Lopez inspires you, check out the dazzling green diamond Ben Affleck rocked her world with when he asked her to say “I do.”

Wedding bouquet

Designer wedding bands, destination weddings, and colorful ceremonies and receptions are just three trends that are taking the current wedding industry by storm. These trends reflect the lasting appeal of celebratory weddings. A wedding is still considered one of the most special days of a couple’s life together… So why not make it big, bright, and bold?

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