Finding The Perfect Couple Rings

Finding The Perfect Couple Rings

When the time has come to pop the question, you know you want to do it in style. There are plenty of picturesque locations to ask for your significant other’s commitment, but there are an equally large number of design for couple rings to select from as well. To help guide your decision, refer to this article to make your life-changing decision much easier.

There are so many choices – it may seem almost paralyzing for some! Here are 5 main elements to consider when making your choice, with some examples.

1. Consider the width, thickness, and ring size

Rings are not only a lifelong symbol of commitment, they also resemble unmatched style. No relationship is the same, so take extra care in ensuring that your ring style represents your one-of-a-kind dynamic.

MInimalist couple rings

For your or your fiance’s hand, you need something that will compliment it while fitting comfortably. Men’s ring sizes tend to fall somewhere between the range of 4 to 7 mm, while wedding rings for women hit a minimum of 2 mm.

Make sure the ring does not be too tight that it squeezes your fingers, nor too loose that it can fall off due to physical activity or the weather.

The width and thickness of the ring should also meet your preference; some people prefer a thicker band because they think it looks bolder and sturdier. A higher thickness also enables the chance for people to engrave their names on the side of the ring.

Others choose a thinner band because it enhances their hand’s natural features while also maintaining comfort for everyday wear. Perfect for people who plan to use it as an outdoor accessory.

Whatever your preference may be, there are a plethora of men’s wedding rings and women’s rings options out there for you to choose from.

2. Top your ring with diamonds or gemstones

The ring’s center stone is what truly expresses who you are. Do you prefer your ring filled with a classic row of diamonds? Are you interested in expressing your matrimony with your favorite color, whether it be red, pink, or blue?

Amazing diamond rings from Tiffany

With the enormous variety of jewelry options out there, it may be difficult to choose between diamonds and other precious gems.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for a couple’s ring because they’re easily marketable due to their stability and clarity. On top of that, diamonds are the hardest natural mineral according to Moh’s Scale of Hardness – a perfect symbol to represent never-ending love.

Nonetheless, other gems can be equally as beautiful and unique. Crystalline minerals like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies offer a certain flair that diamonds cannot provide – a bold splash of color!

Paved rings from Boucheron

Whichever your favorite gem may be, the sheer brilliance of these minerals makes it hard to go for the wrong choice. Choose what your heart desires most!

3. Think about the ring’s design

Rings don’t have to just be plain and classic. Several ring designs can be great as a wedding ring or engagement ring, including:

  • Tone Ring: A 2-tone ring that’s more detailed than a plain ring, but still quite simple
  • Mokume Game: A Japanese-style ring where various metals are fused to create a ripple, marbled effect.
  • Fitted Band: Made to fit on top of an engagement ring’s setting.
  • Stackable rings: Follows the outlines of the diamond or gemstones that are set on the band.
  • Vintage: Add a timeless element into the ring, such as milgraine edges, grain set diamonds, and hand-engraved patterns.
The style of your couple rings define who you are

With all of these different types of ring designs, your ring comes with near-infinite versatility. Be bold and daring to showcase the best version of yourself and your partner—whether with your ring choice or your engagement location. (or both!)

4. Choose a metal base

It’s critical for your wedding rings to be of excellent quality and long-lasting. Gold, platinum, and silver are the most common materials used to make men’s wedding bands.

Platinum or Gold couple rings ?

Gold is the most popular option for couples’ rings for its stunning versatility. There is a proportion of genuine gold in the alloy including 9K and 18K, which affect the pricing points for the ring. Gold can also be mixed with other metals like rhodium plating to lessen the yellowish accent from the gold. You’ll have to replace the rhodium plating every 6 to 18 months to maintain its shine.

Platinum is a good option if you want a ring that doesn’t need constant maintenance. It’s quite heavy and doesn’t fade, unlike gold rings with rhodium plating. Its persistent brightness makes it a contender for one of the more popular ring types.

Silver rings have a good polish and are one of the most reflexive metals. It’s also a much more affordable option compared to gold and silver, making it an excellent choice for value buyers who don’t need to make the most extravagant purchase to label their love.

5. Pick a setting style

The ring setting style refers to how gemstones are mounted into the ring, as well as the overall aesthetic of the band.

Discreet couple rings with gemstones

There are multiple setting styles you can consider. See below for some options:

  • Micro-claw setting: Claws are carved at the band’s sides to act as mounting points for each mineral.
  • Gypsy setting: Minerals are encased in a flush in the ring, spread out sporadically or evenly depending on the design.
  • Claw setting: Densely packed stone mounts situated at one side of the ring, creating a bold and sparkly design.
  • Grain setting: Metals drilled underneath sit atop the metal band.
  • Channel setting: The ring’s midsection is carved in for minerals to get situated between the spaces.

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Choosing your ring type is vastly about your preferences and what you feel most comfortable with.

We hope that we helped you come closer to a conclusion on the characteristics of the best ring. May the next chapter of your life be filled with love and happiness!

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