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MiraSpa Hong Kong - Swimming pool

After many years going to worldwide spas experimenting only 60-min or 90-min massages, I decided to try out a full day spa package at Mira Hong Kong. It included 4 hours of treatment as well as complimentary access to the pool and fitness center. Can’t be more revitalizing!

Among the large Hong Kong Spa offer, Mira Spa proposes some full day treatments – Bespoke Packages – with very good value for money in the luxury atmosphere of Mira Hotel. My choice went to the 4-hour package, perfect for relaxing and steping back from this busy city for a while.


10.30am. I arrived pretty early in order to enjoy all Spa features and make this day both rejuvenating and memorable. Day packages at Mira Spa offers complimentary access to all Spa facilities – fitness center, sauna, hammam and pool – as well as a light lunch.

Check-in was smooth and efficient, since I am a regular guest of Mira Spa. A quick remind of the package content by the receptionist, a validation of my choices and… That’s it!

Mira Spa - Check-in form

Check-in form

Cardio & weight training – 120 min

10.30am to 12.30pm. I decided to start my day at Mira Spa with a strong and energizing gym training, to maximize the effects of body massage according to Spa advisor.

So I did the same as a usual session for me, 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of weight training, chest and arms this time. Fitness center is large and pretty well equipped with recent machines, perfect for beginners or bodybuilders!

Mira Spa - Fitness center

Fitness center

Light lunch & chilling on poolside – 90 min

12.30pm to 2.00pm. After a quick shower, I went swimming before relaxing at men sauna and hammam; facilities are really nice and well designed, probably the best I have seen in Hong Kong.

Then I chilled on a large sofa on poolside listening music and enjoying a delicious light meal. Basically a turkey and mushroom healthy sandwich with salad, fresh and delicious.

Mira Spa - Light lunch from Bespoke Package

Light lunch included in Bespoke Package

Ginger and lime salt scrub – 30 min

2.00pm to 2.30pm. I planned my Spa treatments to start on early afternoon with a body scrub for a deep cleansing. And so it was: salt was pretty strong in smoothing skin while lime and ginger were warming it, what a sensation! Sometimes it was even hard to endure but at the end, I could really feel my skin totally purified.

The Mira massage – 90 min

2.30pm to 4.00pm. The same therapist continued my Spa journey starting an in-house 90-min hot stones and oil massage called The Mira Massage.

It consists in deep pressure on muscles, first with oil then with hot stones, in order to drain toxins and clean the body from the inside. The lady was very skillfull and made it a true holistic experience! I highly recommend this massage choice.

Mira Spa - Treatment room

VIP Treatment room

Rose aromatic facial – 60 min

4.00pm to 5.00pm. Another therapist dedicated to facial treatments came to my room, while I was still on the massage table, to take care of me. She prepared my face with a scrub and a humidifier to open my skin pores, just to clean it deeply and remove blackheads. Then she applied a rejuvenating and luxurious rose essential oil, which was smelling so good, and did a long face massage with it. I am not used to such treatments, I have to say it was fantastic! I really looked another man at the end :)

Men’s cut & finish – 60 min

5.15pm to 6.00pm. With a completely refreshed body, a professional haircut was the best finishing possible. Mira Spa hosts Private I Salon, a high-end salon group in Hong Kong used to deal with VIPs. Jonathan Chung, the salon director himself, took care of my haircut during 1 hour.

A great professional listening carefully his customer’s expectations and requests! By the way this salon is also available for nail and make-up needs.

Private I Salon at Mira Spa

Private I Salon at Mira Spa


For a day Spa package below HKD3,000, with many treatments and full access to gorgeous Mira Spa areas, I can’t say anything except it was a super experience! Honestly, nothing is missing: super design, super facilities, super Spa therapists… All for a reasonable price. What else do you need to pay a visit?


Visited on July 1st, 2017 – Non-sponsored media visit. Bespoke Packages (full-day Spa treatments) start from 2 hours 30 mins at HKD1,800++ to 4 hours at HKD2,750++.

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