Discovering Italian Tastes At The Megaro Hotel

Discovering Italian Tastes At The Megaro Hotel

The 5-star Megaro Hotel in King’s Cross is quirky, colourful and unashamedly British in its homage to London. The independent hotel rebels against the norm with its modern approach to luxe aesthetic, offering an eclectic range of characterful rooms and designer apartments. But what makes it absolutely magical is its food and drink offer. Let’s have a look.

There are two major draws to The Megaro hotel: its food and drink. Here we’ll take a look at Magenta – its North-Italian inspired fine dining restaurant – and Hokus Pokus – its alchemy lab of a bar that’s conjured up an all-new bespoke cocktail concept. Some of the best dining places to go to in London.


Magenta is a restaurant as vivid as the hue, with an imaginative Northern Italian-inspired menu. Curated by Executive Head Chef Manuele Bazzoni, it also proposes an extensive wine list presenting the best vineyards across Italy.

Magenta restaurant

The striking interior at Magenta, designed by renowned British artist and designer, Henry Chebaane, echoes the 19th century heritage of the building in which it is housed; the industrial-age heritage and vibrancy of the contemporary artistic culture of King’s Cross and its immigrant Italian community.

A creative menu

Chef Manuele Bazzoni has crafted a genius four-course a la carte menu based on flavours from his native Northern Italy.

Charcoal flour bread

You begin with Manuele’s unique recipe for charcoal flour bread – striking in both appearance and rustic taste. Using top quality British produce throughout, antipasti includes the wonderful Wild Sea Bass tartare, Sicilian orange gel and black sesame ice cream. The highlight though is the Chilled San Marzano tomato soup and Strawberries with poached Scottish Lobster and English peas. A superb marriage of contrasting flavours and textures that are positively exquisite in every way. 

For the Primi first courses, the Smoked buffalo ricotta and egg yolk raviolo with English asparagus and black truffle is simplistic yet delicious. While the Spaghetti ‘alla chitarra’ with Oyster butter, Red prawns and sea urchin is simply a must try. 

By this point, your palette will have opened and your tastebuds will be screaming out for more flavour. For your Secondi second course, each option is to die for but the two standouts are the Cornish monkfish cooked over charcoal or… My personal favourite – Roasted lamb rack with pistachio crust, sweetbread croquette, heritage carrots and liquorice. Perfectly cooked with outstanding texture added by pistachio crust and an enhanced flavour in the meat thanks to the liquorice. 

If you have space for Dolci (dessert, which you must), stick with the Sicilian, strawberries and pistachio themes from above by opting for the Sicilian pistachio mousse with Gariguette strawberries sorbet. Refreshing and highly enjoyable. 

Mauve – Private dining at Magenta

Within Mauve private dining rooms you will find The Mauve Private Carriage, a fantastical steampunk dining carriage. That’s a nod to yesteryear King’s Cross, and The Victory Room, with its high vaulted window overlooking the entrance of The Megaro Hotel. Taking its name from the stately rooms of HMS Victory, It includes a table created from this iconic ship’s timbers.

Mauve private rooms

The two private dining rooms are accessible via a dedicated staircase and available to welcome up to 12 people each.

Hokus Pokus 

Hokus Pokus, the uber-stylish, apothecary style bar in the heart of King’s Cross has conjured up an all-new bespoke cocktail concept. It is managed by Greg Chudzio the new Bar Manager. Guests can now cast their eyes over excitingly delectable potions expertly hand-crafted by skilled in-house alchemists. With each cocktail comes a variety of concoction combinations to choose from. Or simply leave it to the experts to create a custom-made potion based on your personality!

Hokus Pokus bar

The new menu and concept at Hokus Pokus takes guests on an enchanted journey of senses. Although they are not claiming any health benefits, the team at the Alchemy Lab are confident the tinctures can still do wonders for your mood. With seven different prescription categories for revellers to choose from: fruity, flamed, sour, smokey, coffee, and fizzy potions.

Hokus Pokus potion – Picture by Thomas Alexander

The potions are made from the highest quality fresh ingredients, cooked at specific temperatures to bring out aromas and flavours. Some cocktails are then mixed with Hokus Pokus’ own elixirs, which are pure extracts from fresh fruits and herbs, as well as using top-quality spirits for the ultimate luxury experience for the cocktail connoisseur. All potions and elixirs are made in-house by a team of specialists. 

Among personal favourites were the Smokey Potions’ Wagyu-washed bourbon, with the alchemists’ own barrel-aged vermouth. Other highlights include the Flamed Potions, where the concoctions’ fumes are heated in the glass with fire to release the aromas. 

An evening spent at both Hokus Pokus and Magenta will be sure to enchant you – we guarantee that.



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    I like how those dishes being set up. They look really elegant and impactful.

  2. October 14, 2022 / 11:36 AM

    Very delicate plating! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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