Best Flower Gift According To Your Birth Month

Best Flower Gift According To Your Birth Month

When you give someone flowers for their birthday, it’s crucial that you don’t just grab a bouquet off the shelf and call it good. This is their special day, and the flowers they receive should illuminate this. Looking for a way to make someone feel loved? Send them a luxurious bouquet that includes their birth month flower.

That’s right, each month has its own flower. While there are many different flower arrangements possible for a birthday, choosing one that includes the month of birth’s flower shows you’ve put in some extra thought and care.

Not only will these flowers provide a luxurious touch to the home, but the blooms will also share some insight about an individual’s personality and meet their desires.

Let’s go through each month and see which particular flower would be a perfect gift.


Bouquet of carnations

Carnations bloom when few other flowers do, so it’s no surprise that they symbolize fascination and appreciation. By giving someone these ruffly blooms, you remind them how much they are loved and admired.


Bouquet of primroses

While February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day flowers, the birth flower for this month isn’t a classic red rose. Rather, it’s the delicate primrose. This dainty flower symbolizes devotion and affection, two traits that those born in February exude with confidence. It also gives good luck, which everyone can use.


Bouquet of daffodils

Just when winter seems like it will never end, bright yellow daffodils pop up from the ground. These flowers symbolize new beginnings and rejuvenation, so they’re perfect to remind someone that their new year is full of luxurious possibilities. And they remind us to give ourselves the respect we deserve.


Bouquet of daisies

Although the daisy is a simple flower, it radiates optimism and cheer. These flowers remind us to see the brightness in the world and attempt to make every moment fun. If someone needs a reminder that they should book trip to Hawaii, a daisy will do the trick.


Bouquet of lilies

The small white flowers of lily of the valley exude a sense of peace and purity. Although their bell-shaped blooms are dainty and sweet, their bright fragrance uplifts any space. They’re the perfect reminder that luxury can exist along with simplicity, and that we can find joy everywhere we look.


Bouquet of roses

Both the ancient Greeks and Romans viewed the rose as a symbol of love and passion. This symbolism still stands, but these iconic blooms also portray honor and achievement. Know someone who’s beautiful and successful? A rose is the perfect gift for them.


Bouquet of larkspurs

Larkspur’s flowers reach skyward, reminding us to view the world with positivity and potential. It only takes one look at the charming blooms to feel like you’re in for a good day, whether you’re relaxing at home or lounging at an exclusive resort.


Bouquet of poppies

With dainty, whimsical petals that stand strong in the breeze, poppies radidate a feeling of calmness and strength. As a symbol of imagination and luxury, they help us think outside the box when planning our next purchase or getaway.


Bouquet of asters

With an unflashy elegance that remains through challenging conditions, asters serve as a reminder of the importance of patience and faith. When our lives feel a bit unstable, asters help ground us.


Bouquet of marigolds

You only need to take one look at the bright golden hues of marigolds to see why they stand for warmth and passion. These blooms are also associated with the sun and all the strength it provides to live on Earth, so they’re perfect for someone who is feeling a bit weak.


Bouquet of chrysanthemums

With pom-pom shaped flowers, chrysanthemums are the friends everyone needs. Their mix of colorful blooms remind us to be both honest and compassionate and to seek good health and a long life.


Bouquet of narcissus

Narcissus are unique due to their trumpet-shaped flower centers. These blooms call out a message of hope and good wishes to all they see, making them the perfect flower to wish someone well in a new year or adventure.

Don’t Just Send a Flower, Send a Message

Anyone can send a friend or loved one flowers. But not everyone can take the time and care to pick flowers that breathe extravagance.

To make someone’s big day extra special, send them a flower that matches their personality and adds a touch of natural luxury to their lives.

Full calendar of flower per birth month

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