A Masterclass Of Interior Design By Juliettes Interiors

A Masterclass Of Interior Design By Juliettes Interiors

Juliettes Interiors were tasked to transform an uninspiring, blank space into a bright and airy home that is situated in Onslow Gardens, Knightsbridge. Their London based luxury interior designers remodeled a dark one-bedroom apartment into an engaging, attractive and contemporary home. 

Drawing their inspiration from the many trees and surrounding greenery, Juliettes Interiors endeavoured to blend both the interior and exterior of that luxurious house in Onslow Gardens, Knightsbridge, London.

Not only does this make the house beautiful from within but it also makes the most out of every space. One objective: attract upmarket renters and make a tribute to surrounding magnificent places.

A Cozy And Average-Size Apartment

From the living room to the ceiling windows Juliettes Interiors artfully combined each piece to fit together like a puzzle. A glass dining table makes a statement in this open-plan home, which is astutely placed thus beautifully reflecting the outside trees.

A fresh interior

On the opposite wall is a large elegant mirror that reflects and gives the space a fresh and light feel. The large windows serve multiple purposes including allowing foliage and light into the room giving a lively feel.

Living Room

Living Room design

The living area boasts of a unique inviting room. To provide an easy and relaxing feel there was plenty of usage of sumptuous textures throughout the living area. The inside of the space is ushered with natural colours, to decorate the apartment the designers chose neutral shades. To accentuate the impressive features is the neutral decoration that perfectly acts as a backdrop. 

Living Room design

From a deluxe velvet sofa to the desk, each piece was uniquely chosen to give a natural finish. Besides leafy green cushions were strategically placed around the interior serving the purpose of brightening the neutral apartment, adding interest, layers and touch to space.


Bathroom design

After a quick refurbishment, Juliettes Interiors transformed the old bathroom into a modernized bathroom that gives a sleek look. To provide a functional bathing space was the use of large grey slabs. The bathroom has a bright and airy feel thanks to the use of light washed floorboards.


Bedroom design

The bedroom is graced with a striking feature bed that is positioned in the centre with other luxury furniture pieces such as the wall to wall ceiling wardrobes. To give a lovely feel to the room are elegant lamps and tantalizing textiles that spruce up colour as well as a central feature mirror that completes the space.


Kitchen design

Adjacent to the living area is a light kitchenette that also has a large window. A stylish and minimalist design grace the kitchen, yet there is an ample amount of storage and cupboard space that allows it to have a cosmopolitan look and also to look delightfully sophisticated.

The change is not only remarkable but also new life has been breathed into that dated and dark apartment. The result is a a show of Juliettes Interiors talents as well as their strength of luxury interior design.

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