A Leap Into Fashion World Through Alexandre Birman Education Program

Alexandre Birman

Creativity and innovation continue to be the catalyst for breakthroughs in the fashion industry. In this intense world, an unprecedented internship program recently unfolded at Alexandre Birman. The luxury shoe brand offered a unique opportunity to students in its Brazilian HQ… A great example of how luxury brands are empowering new talents nowadays.

Two bright-eyed students from Istituto Marangoni Miami, Bettina Mattia and Ryan Anthony Hamilton, found themselves at the epicenter of the Alexandre Birman’s immersive experience. This opportunity granted the interns permission to create their own shoes within the sacred realm of Birman’s craftsmanship.

Discovering Fashion Behind-the-scenes

Over a two-week period, Mattia and Hamilton discovered intricate operations and processes that govern the production of Alexandre Birman’s iconic footwear. The label’s fusion of modern sophistication and traditional Brazilian craftsmanship has cemented its reputation in the global fashion industry. With Birman at the helm, this luxury brand has transcended borders and set unprecedented standards. Mattia and Hamilton were about to step into this world of global impact, providing them with an invaluable firsthand experience.

Alexandre Birman and students
Alexandre Birman and students

Upon their arrival, Alexandre Birman extended his warm hospitality. He said “Having Bettina and Ryan at our Brazilian headquarters has been an honor. They have demonstrated the values we uphold at our brand – creativity, dedication, and innovation. Their thoughtful and forward-thinking marketing strategies for our best-selling shoe model, the Clarita, align perfectly with our ethos. I’m thrilled to see the future of the fashion industry in such promising hands.”

A World Of Craftmanship And Business

In the course of their internship, the journey began within the bustling heart of the Birman factory. It was here, amidst the hum of machinery and skilled hands of craftsmen, that the students were given a chance to breathe life into their own versions of the Clarita shoe. This provided them a rare and deep understanding of the manufacturing process, from design to final product.

The second week was at HQ in Sao Paulo, where they were exposed to the workings of a successful business. Their in-depth experience spanned across multiple sectors, from the nitty-gritty of business management, marketing strategies… Including international distribution, brand collaborations, and public relations, to the handling of the label’s robust digital presence.

Alexandre Birman - Women shoes
Alexandre Birman – Women shoes

Hakan Baykam, President of Istituto Marangoni Miami, beamed with pride as he spoke about the transformative journey his students followed. “Seeing Bettina and Ryan immerse themselves in a world-class luxury footwear brand like Alexandre Birman, and return with a wealth of insights, is truly inspirational,” Baykam said. “This unique opportunity has allowed them to experience the spirit of Istituto Marangoni – passion, creativity, and pursuit of excellence.”

As their internship neared its end, both Mattia and Hamilton presented an innovative marketing plan for the 15th anniversary of the Clarita shoe’s production. It was a culmination of their experiences and industry knowledge, an impressive showcase of their creative and business thinking.

Unique Opportunity For Students

Reflecting on their unique journey, Bettina Mattia said, “This was a tremendous privilege. Working alongside Alexandre Birman and his dedicated team gave me the chance to understand the extraordinary passion, commitment, and innovation that fuels this industry-leading brand. This internship has been a transformative experience.”

Echoing her sentiments, Ryan Anthony Hamilton added, “This wasn’t just an internship – it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside a fashion icon like Alexandre Birman. This experience has dramatically reshaped my perspective on the fashion industry.”

Bettina and Ryan Anthony
Bettina Mattia and Ryan Anthony Hamilton

Amy Berkowitz, the professor at Istituto Marangoni Miami who supervised the internship, applauded the commitment and resourcefulness demonstrated by both Mattia and Hamilton. She also expressed her gratitude towards Alexandre Birman for fostering these upcoming talents. She declared “This successful collaboration showcases the strength of our institutional partnership and the opportunities it provides to our students”.

This groundbreaking internship at Alexandre Birman’s Brazilian Headquarters not only signals a turning point for the fashion industry‘s approach to education but also underscores the enduring partnership between Istituto Marangoni Miami and Alexandre Birman. This successful collaboration serves as a testament to the unique opportunities available to young talents dedicated to shaping their craft in the global fashion industry.

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