7 Ways To Create A Luxurious Living Space

7 Ways To Create A Luxurious Living Space

While it might seem expensive, creating a luxurious living space does not have to take a huge toll on your wallet. Regardless of your budget, there are many tricks that you can use in order to create such a feeling within your home. Here are some hacks that you should try out.

Incorporate metallics

To add some luxury to a room, you can consider introducing some metallic elements. No matter if it’s gold, brass, or silver, details in these hues can make a world of difference. So, if a room is on the smaller side, adding a mirror with a gold frame will help create the illusion of space.

Metallic coffee tables

Then, brass lighting fixtures or silver candle holders are small touches that can add a touch of elegance to any area. Lastly, keep in mind that not all finishes have to match as that can actually make the room look cheap. Instead, look for pieces that complement each other.

Install molding

One very affordable way to give a space a high-end look is installing decorative molding to create a luxurious living atmosphere. While you can hire a professional to do this, you can also find a tutorial online that will help you add molding in no time. There are a few types of molding but crown molding that is painted in the same color as the walls works best for bringing extra sophistication to a room.

Hang custom window treatments

HIgh-quality and custom curtains

For a luxurious space, you should also think about bespoke window treatments. This approach means that they will work perfectly for the space and make it look more expensive. Although custom-made curtains and drapes are a bit more pricey than pre-made ones, this is a great investment that will add the grandeur you might be looking for. With that in mind, you want drapes that reach the floor and even pool up a little to create the best effect.

Make it inviting with rugs

Besides window treatments, rugs also play a vital role in upping the luxe factor of a room. What is more, they also add some warmth to the space and make it more welcoming. As area rugs can transform a space in no time, use them to redefine rooms, tie everything together, and simply add more interest to the room. You can keep it neutral with grey or beige or opt for a subtle print. If you plan on splurging, make sure the rugs are made of wool, silk, or some other natural fibers.

Get new floors

In case you think rugs are not enough to transform a room, you can also upgrade your floors. For instance, timber floors are one of the most desired options as they can make any space look more elegant and sophisticated. While a bit more pricey, wooden flooring is timeless and easy to maintain.

Wooden mosaic floor

Furthermore, if you choose to keep your old floors, you might find you have to get treatment for termites or woodworm from a company like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/washington/. So, make sure to check your old floors if you don’t purchase new ones! 

In some places, you might not even need a rug as timber can create an inviting atmosphere on its own. Luckily, flooring retailers like Carpet Right are easy to find so purchasing and installing new floors will be a walk in the park.

Display antique pieces

If you own some antique pieces, you want to place them in prominent spots so that they boost the wow factor of your home. These items usually have a patina that is not easy to recreate but adds elegance to a space. When looking to purchase interesting pieces, you can also look through the offer at flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores. Everything from antique chests and desks to lamps and paintings can work so look carefully at what you can incorporate.

Bring in flowers and greenery

Finally, when adding elegance to your space, you cannot overlook plants. Houseplants come in all sorts of varieties so it won’t be difficult to find a few that can thrive in the conditions you can provide them with. For instance, if you’re low on natural light, you can opt for the cast iron plant, the ZZ plant, or Chinese evergreen.

Use greeneries to upgrade your living interior

On the other hand, if you think you won’t be able to keep alive even these hard-to-kill plants, you can opt for fresh flowers that will bring both some luxury and a pop of colour to your home. From adding a few houseplants and displaying some antique pieces to changing your floors, there is a lot you can do to boost the elegance of your home interior and make a luxurious living space. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a touch of luxury.

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