7 Luxury Women’s Handbags To Show Off On New Year’s Eve

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The end of the year is just around the corner, and the most fashion-conscious classy women are already thinking about the outfit they will show off on December 31, on the occasion of the unmissable end-of-year party. The dress, of course, will have to be chosen according to the type of event you decide to attend and, to make your style truly unique, you cannot give up enriching it with high-class accessories, such as designer bags for women and luxury shoes. Bags, in particular, will be able to give a unique and very personal touch, adding, thanks to sequins, crystals, studs, bright colors or original patterns, an extra touch of light, color or style.

In this article we will show you the designer handbag models you can choose to complete your end-of-year outfit. Of course, the advice given applies not only to New Year’s Eve, but to all those special occasions that require you to match a truly unique and also precious luxury handbag with high-class evening or party dresses.

1. Buckets embellished with embroidery, sequins and inserts

The first model of luxury women’s handbag perfect for special occasions like the New Year’s Eve party is the bucket. Enriched with bright sequins or embellished with delicate embroidery, tone on tone or multicolored, it’s just perfect.

Small in size and perfect for carrying all the essentials, the bucket is the right choice both for those who wish to spend the last day of the year in a sophisticated and formal setting… But also for those who will attend an elegant, yet informal party!

Sequined models can be paired with dresses, long or short, with sequins and complemented with straight-cut jackets and black pumps. Monochrome silver-colored buckets are the right choice for those who want to sport a delicate look played on silver/white colors. Finally, colorful models complemented with gold or brass-colored inserts are perfect for the woman who wants to sport a simple, yet elegant outfit.

2. Rhinestone-studded clutch bag

The must-have women’s handbag for special occasions is the clutch bag. For the last day of the year, it is preferable to choose a luxury model, embellished with rhinestones for instance. Regarding the size, green light to both mini clutches and larger models, very trendy in this new high fashion season.

This bag model is the right choice for those who want to spend New Year’s Eve at the theater or have decided to attend an elegant party that requires wearing a long dress, perhaps paired with a black coat and matching pumps. A look consisting of pants and a turtleneck sweater, complemented by a rhinestone-covered jacket, is also excellent.

3. Mini shoulder bags with jewel inserts

Shoulder bags are also perfect for New Year’s Eve. Among the luxury models from which you can choose include, in particular, mini bags, small and discreet, but able to get noticed and give an extra touch of class.

Perfect to show off at a party among friends in a club, the most suitable shoulder mini bag for the occasion is the one decorated with precious crystals. Indeed that’s ideal for giving not only class, but also light to the whole outfit.

As for matching, green light to cocktail dresses, jacket and trouser suits, but also skinny pants, sequined sweaters and shoes to match the bag.

4. Leather shoulder bag in bright colors

Those who choose to spend the New Year’s Eve at the home of friends or relatives, but do not want to give up showing off, can opt for a designer leather shoulder bag. And preferably characterized by bright colors, contrasting with those of the chosen outfit.

With a classic rectangular or half-moon shape, this model of bag combines simplicity and elegance in an extremely sophisticated combination and is well suited to simple, straight-cut evening dresses as well as suits. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can opt for a tone on tone, showing off colorful outfits… Or use the bag to give an extra touch of liveliness to a total black, white or neutral colors outfit.

5. Chain bag with metal inserts

Among the models of luxury women’s handbags most suitable for New Year’s Eve are those with chains and metallic inserts. These elements, capable of making the chosen model highly personal, fit well with outfits played on the colors of gold/silver.

So, those who wish to show off, on the last day of the year, a long golden dress or pants covered with gold-tinted rhinestones, can choose a shoulder or cross-body bag, white, black or colored – depending on the color of the other garments and accessories worn – with chain and gold-tinted inserts, so as to create a pleasant harmony.

6. Cross-body bag that turns into a clutch or handbag

Dinner at a friend’s house, an evening at the theater, a celebration at a renowned club. New Year’s Eve may require an interchangeable outfit that can adapt to a variety of contexts and situations. As for the handbag, you can choose a model that can be used as a shoulder bag or clutch bag.

In this way, it will be possible to show up at the home of your friends or relatives with a classic handbag, transform it into a sophisticated clutch bag for going to the theater, and, after attaching the chain, end the evening in a trendy club, sporting an elegant shoulder bag.

7. The red handbag

On New Year’s Eve, according to tradition, in order to attract good luck, it is necessary to wear something red. So why not choose a luxury handbag in this color? Big fashion brands offer numerous models of classy red handbags, ideal to be combined with a wide variety of outfits.

Depending on the evening you have chosen to organize, it will therefore be possible to go for an elegant clutch bag, a sophisticated and modern handbag or a shoulder bag completed with an elegant golden chain.

All these women’s handbags models can be paired with an elegant red evening dress, complemented by a long black coat. As for the shoes, it is best to opt for a model that matches the bag. And this rule is true whatever you are a young millionaire or a regular shopper :)

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