5 Reasons Why Billionaire’s Row is the Champagne to Drink in 2021

5 Reasons Why Billionaire’s Row is the Champagne to Drink in 2021

After an extremely stressful year and with summer just around the corner, now is the time to relax and indulge. Offering a luxury and specialized line of champagne and cognac, Billionaire’s Row is the key to living the life of luxury you have always dreamed of having. After luxury watches, street art collection and high-end interior design, it’s now time to highlight an exclusive player in the spirits industry.

Noticing the lack of diversity within the spirits industry, William Benson and Patrick Ductant relaunched Billionaire’s Row in 2020 with the mission to cater towards everyone and not one specific group or person. Since the relaunch, the company has grown exponentially reaching a wider audience across the globe through their luxury goods.

William Benson and Patrick Ductant

Quickly establishing itself as one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Billionaire’s Row continues to shine. It is the second Black-owned Champagne company recognized by the French and U.S. governments and Benson also became the first American to have his name on a champagne brand approved by the prestigious Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne in France.

Although there are many reasons to indulge in Billionaire’s Row, here are 5 of the biggest reasons to get your hands on a bottle of that champagne. 

1. Billionaire’s Row is of the Highest Quality 

Billionaires Row champagne is of the highest quality. Designed for the rich and affluent, as well as the influential, each and every sip is one to savor and enjoy. With a distinct and modern taste unlike any other champagne, it is distilled and manufactured by the best in the business. 

Billionaire’s Row Champagne

2. Perfect for Any Occasion 

The latest Cuvée “Magnifique” Brut and Cuvée “Glamour” Rose Brut are the most elegant champagnes to pop at any bash. Available worldwide and perfect for any celebration, Billionaire’s Row is an easy choice. 

Champagne party

3. Support a Black-Owned Business

Both Benson and Ductant are accomplished and extremely hard-working black men who continue to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs with their success. As black men, they have been very open about the struggles of rising to success, but want others to know that there is so much room at the top.

A black-owned business

While the brand is focused towards the established and affluent, the magnitude of their influence can filter down and inspire others to do the same. 

4. An Experience in Itself 

With a brand that continues to create products that are individualized and unique, Billionaire’s Row is a brand that is meant to enlighten one’s lifestyle. Helping to push individuals to reach for dreams unattainable by many and focusing on love and quality of life, drinking this champagne is an experience in itself.

An experience in itself

The growing Billionaire’s Row empire that Benson and Ductant have worked so hard to construct is built on the important premise of inspiring others. 

5. Billionaire’s Row Gives Back to The Community 

“We noticed how much money was being spent within our community, but we also noticed that none of that money was going back into our community,” reflects Benson. Billionaire’s Row is a brand that has always been dedicated to giving back to those who need it the most. Supporting philanthropic causes in their community is something that has become a main focus for them. They are currently looking to create an economic scholarship for businesses that are trying to make an impact in their industry. 

Giving back to the community

Billionaire’s Row has set themselves apart from the rest of the spirits industry in their high quality goods, versatile products, dedication and philanthropic achievements. Benson and Ductant plan to bring hotels, bath and body lines, and other products for people of color to the luxury market. With an alkaline water and a fragrance collection set to be released later this year, Billionaire’s Row is not slowing down. 

You can learn more about Billionaires Row on their website https://www.billionairesrow.com, and explore and purchase some of their luxury products at www.reservebar.com,www.wine.com 

Visit Billionaire’s Row on Twitter @billionairesrow and Instagram at @billionairesrow 

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