5 reasons to use a luxury travel advisor

5 reasons to use a luxury travel advisor

Think you’re getting the best deal booking luxury travel yourself online? Think again. While if you’re a budget traveler, you probably can get many of the best bargains yourself, the same isn’t true for luxury travel. If your taste runs to the very best luxury hotels and airline products the world has to offer, here’s why you should think about using a luxury travel advisor.

If you are thinking about using a luxury travel advisor, may I suggest to use The Luxe Insider : we go after the 5 following reasons and… it’s FREE* !

1. Trusted advice on both destination and hotel

A luxury travel advisor doesn’t just book clients’ travel–they’re well traveled themselves, and are a wealth of valuable information on which destination and luxury hotel is likely to be perfect given your travel style and preferences. Time is money, and your travel advisor can save you considerable time on travel research while helping match you create the perfect trip, based on his clients’ and own experiences. Since a luxury travel advisor’s entire focus is on luxury travel, you won’t have to sift through irrelevant online reviews that rave about a hotel because it’s the first (or only) 5-star hotel that the reviewer has stayed in.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai - Second pool

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

2. Quick help if any issue arises

A nice benefit of staying at luxury hotels and resorts is that you’re less likely to encounter problems that would ruin your holiday. But if you do run into issues, you’re not alone–contact your luxury travel advisor. You can bet that she or he will work with the hotel to do everything possible to resolve the problem so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip. While many travelers continue to think they can book the best deal themselves, savvy luxury travelers realize that the right luxury travel advisor opens the door to all kinds of value-added perks that enhance their stay and also save them money, at the very best hotels in the world.

Metropolitan London reception

Metropolitan London

3. Luxury hotel upgrades and VIP status

How do you get upgraded at Aman Resorts, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, or other top luxury hotels? By booking with a luxury travel advisor who is in touch with most of public relation people and hotel managers from best properties worldwide. Thanks to his social network, you can be sure to have a room or villa upgrade on arrival – sometimes even at the time of booking, what you can’t get on your own – and a VIP status in the hotel ; indeed, you are the one who has a relation directly in touch with the top management of the hotel, and that makes the difference with other guests.

2009 Thailand

Banyan Tree Phuket – Spa Pool villa

4. Complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner, spa treatment…

Another purpose of a luxury travel advisor is to offer you special packages where breakfast, lunch, dinner or spa treatment can be included. For sure you can already find some hotel packages by yourself, simply looking at booking website. However your advisor will make the difference because he can customize a package, adapt it to your needs and preferences and thanks to his special relationship with hotel managers most of those services will be complimentary.

Bulgari Milan - Spa relaxation

Bulgari Milan – Spa

5. Help with business and first class flights

Getting there can be half the fun, at least if you’re traveling in first class or business class with a flat bed or even fully enclosed suite, fine dining, and superb airport lounges as you can discover in The Luxe Insider. And your luxury travel advisor will know the ins and outs of Singapore Suites vs. Cathay Pacific First Class vs. Etihad First Class vs. Emirates First Class, and may also be able to help you leverage your frequent flyer miles and points to book award travel on these airlines.

Thai Airways Royal First Class mini suite

Thai Airways Royal First Class mini suite

*Our luxury travel advising is free for the first 50 people requesting it and giving a testimonial published on The Luxe Insider. 

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