4 Luxury Gifts To Spoil Your Dog With On Its Birthday

4 Luxury Gifts To Spoil Your Dog With On Its Birthday

When it comes to our fluffy four-legged dog friends, we treat them like any other member of the family. And this means celebrating every milestone and special occasion with them! Yet, perhaps the most special is the day they came into our lives, their birthday, so why not spoil them rotten with some luxury gifts like designer accessories or natural treats?

Your dog is your baby and deserves nothing more than to feel full of life and pampered on its birthday. Due to this, we’ve created this article outlining several of the best luxury gifts to shower your four-legged friend with. From enriching dietary items like dog supplements and tasty natural treats, to stylish accessories – keep reading to find out more.

Specialised dog supplements

Like any birthday, lots of food and treats are guaranteed on your canine companions’ birthday. So why not ensure you’re fuelling them properly by giving the gift of natural dietary supplements? You can add them to any wet, dry or raw food to help… The ideas is to give them all the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients they need for optimal health.

Whether your canine companion is approaching their golden years and you’d like to support them in their senior years by adapting their diet, or if they need a little more help digesting their food, you can find specialised dog supplements for various health benefits like the ones from ProDog Raw.

Consider visiting their website to find out more about their natural dog supplements using helpful online resources. Discover why their healthy dog supplements are one of the best luxury gifts for your dog’s birthday today.

Luxury bedding

If your dog isn’t reading this article with you, I suppose they’ve snuck off somewhere quiet for a nap. Like humans, dogs need between twelve to fourteen hours of sleep daily, so we often catch them dozing between walks and feeding time.

However, while some of our canine companions are quite happy curling up on the floor or beside us on the sofa, others are much fussier with where they rest their heads at the end of the day. If this sounds like your dog, why not purchasing them a luxury dog bed for their birthday? From somewhere like high-end orthopaedic dog bed manufacturer, George Barclay, for instance.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from various bedding options when choosing a bed that your dog can use to sleep in the lap of luxury. Ideally, when choosing an inside dog bed, you’ll want to look for something that possibly includes memory foam, or a velour layer to be more comfortable for them to lounge around on. It also helps to find something that matches the decor of your home to really match your interior “vibe” and add a touch of luxury for your pooch.

Some high-end pet bedding come equipped with additional features such as cooling/heating pads, orthopaedic or arthritic support. Also many other features which can help dogs with specific health conditions or age-related ailments get a better night’s sleep.

Grooming products/accessories

On special occasions, like birthday, you treat yourself to the most relaxing day ever, with a spa day for instance. We’re sure your canine companion would also appreciate a bit of ‘me’ time on their birthday. So why not treat them to their own luxurious grooming/spa experience?

Spa for dog
Spa for dog

Using Google and other search engines, you can easily find reputable dog spas where they can enjoy a range of treatments. For instance a doggy manicure/pedicure, a relaxing bubble bath, a relaxing massage, a restyle, and much more. Not only your little friend will leave feeling refreshed, but it will also provide them with a relaxing experience.

After their memorable doggy spa experience, we’re sure they’ll eagerly trot back home with you, eager to show the rest of their friends/family their new look and ready to enjoy the rest of the birthday festivities you have lined up for their big day.

Gourmet edible goodies

Of course, you can only celebrate a birthday (canine or human) with food and a birthday cake! So, why not surprise your furry friend with a specially-made celebration cake for dogs? Whether you choose to enlist the services of a dog-friendly bakery or make the cake yourself using a recipe from the internet, we’re sure that the birthday boy/girl will love getting their jowls stuck into it!

Customize some dog-friendly cakes with your pet’s name, a special message, a photo, their favourite treats, and much more. Although, if you’re blowing out candles, ensure that all flammable items are kept at a distance from your dog’s fur… Otherwise, it will be a birthday to remember (for the wrong reasons!).

On the other hand, you can surprise them with a box of homemade dog treats like jerky, cookies and cupcakes. Of couse, always check with a veterinary professional before giving them anything outside their usual diet plan to avoid any digestive problems.

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