3 Things To Consider If You Plan A Big Move In 2021

3 Things To Consider If You Plan A Big Move In 2021

Over the course of the last twelve months, we have all had ample opportunity to think long and hard about where we want to be spending our days. Are we really happy where we’re living right now? If not, what do we want from a new location? Read below before planning your big move.

When you’re thinking about looking for a new place to live, it’s so important to remember that this isn’t a decision to be made lightly. This is doubly true if you are planning on moving with your family or if you’re thinking about starting a family in your new home. It’s a major life event. So, let’s take a look at some of the questions (and answers!) that you should have clear in your mind before you say “yes” to that big move.

1. You Need To Be Flexible

It can’t have escaped your attention that being nimble on your feet has been a bonus over the last twelve months. How many of us have been working from home, home schooling our kids, or trying to keep occupied during our time on furlough?

Keep calm and be flexible

Committing to buying a new property is a big step and if you think you’ve found that perfect spot, of course you are going to want to go at full steam ahead. However, it’s important that you keep one eye on the government guidelines for moving during the pandemic, and that you keep in mind that everyone buying and selling is even more likely to run into difficult, unexpected circumstances right now.

2 You Have To Think About Location

I don’t need to tell you that having a clear of where you want to be makes looking for a new home an awful lot easier. However, when you are looking for a new home for your family, it can be easy for the conversations to stop as everyone gets involved and you don’t want to end up with crossed wires with your partner.

Are you more city center or countryside?

So, have some open and honest conversations about what your needs and wants are. Do you want to be out of the city? If so, do you want to be close enough to make commuting easy? Do you want to be a part of a neighborhood? If you want beautiful green spaces that come with everything you need, a new build community could be the perfect solution. Savana is a perfect example of a village-style neighborhood with a modern spirit and a community heart, placed neatly between Melbourne and Geelong in beautiful Wyndham Vale, Australia.

3. How Long-Term Is This Move Likely To Be?

As we get older and start families of our own, moving brings a lot more questions with it, and the most pressing is often: is this somewhere where you’re going to be happy for a long time?

Long-term or short-term vision?

Ideally, we’d all like to feel like we can be somewhere where we can settle down and our kids can feel comfortable, but in the rush of the move, longer term issues such as sustainability can sometimes be overlooked. Be sure to really think about whether this is somewhere you’re going to be happy living for a while, and check everything from its green rating to the security of the neighborhood.

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