Top 10 Bridal Fashion Trends This Year

Top 10 Bridal Fashion Trends This Year

Last year, the dress’ fashion trends for tying the knot were mostly inspired by the classic royal wedding looks, but in 2020, it’s all about the new interpretations of those, paired with inspirations from old-fashioned wedding dress trends given a modern twist.

With the worldwide pandemic putting a stop to big weddings around the world, for the time being, those brides who decided to go ahead with their nuptials anyway with a smaller crowd have had a lot of awesome dress trends to choose from. Here are just some of the biggest wedding dress fashion trends that we’ve seen this year.

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1. Buff Gowns

With more and more brides moving away from the traditional white dress, blush gowns became a popular trend. But in 2020, a top new alternative is buff, a shade that’s somewhere between blush and champagne. It’s an ideal shade for complementing a huge range of skin tones and styles making it the perfect alternative to traditional bridal white for almost anybody.

It’s a top choice of shade for a bride who simply doesn’t feel her best in traditional white, alabaster or ivory and can be paired with a wide range of bolder tones like gold, silver, and black for a romantic and daring look.

2. Textures

Simple and minimalist wedding dresses are no longer the top trend as voluminous textures in bridal begins to come back around. This year, froth has been one of the top textures for bridal gowns and it certainly makes an impact with a super-romantic, weightless and dreamy look that’s full of movement.

From ruffles and ripples to pleats and tulle puffs, frothy wedding dresses are the look to go for if a bride wants plenty of volume. It’s easy to wear and much more photogenic than the volume of a stiff satin or silk gown.

3. Badass Bride

Modern bridal fashion trends are moving even further from the traditional and this look is all about edge and attitude. Punk-themed wedding dresses with an effortless, irreverent vibe includes 80s-inspired features, sheer elements, slits, shorter dress lengths and hints of black.

It’s the perfect look for the non-traditional bride who wants to look romantic and bridal but doesn’t want to give up her rebellious side for her big day.

4. Full Coverage

Since the UK’s royal weddings over the past few years, the ‘Duchess Effect’ has been in full force in many countries around the world with modest, full-coverage dresses back in style. But rather than feeling matronly and too demure, this trend has really taken off and has become seriously fashion-forward. Long, lacy sleeves, cuffs, mock necklines and lots of texture is a conservative yet stunning style that works for almost any bride – and is a fantastic choice for a winter wedding too.

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5. Minimalism

While volume is coming back around as a wedding dress trend, minimalism certainly isn’t going anywhere in 2020. Minimalism is always going to be a top dress trend choice for brides who feel like they don’t need all the extra bling and it became even more popular when Meghan Markle wore a simple yet stunning Givenchy gown for her wedding to Prince Harry.

No lace, beading or excessive volume or draping is the perfect choice for brides who love sleek shapes, clean lines and keeping it simple.

6. Lace

Lace is perhaps one of the biggest mainstays in bridal and as a trend, it’s been around for years and set to go nowhere any time soon. But this year, we’ve seen a lot of new and different takes on lace wedding dresses in corded lace, re-embroidered and 3-D lace options bringing about lacy wedding dresses with unusual patterns to the ones that we’re used to seeing down the aisle.

2020 has given brides more options with lace when it comes to finding a dress that suits their style, vibe and climate on their big day whether they want something more formal or a lightweight, effortless lace dress for getting married outdoors.

7. Tiers

Tiers are another bridal trend that is just as long-standing as lace when it comes to wedding, but 2020 has been all about turning the old into something new for bridal, and this year, versions of tiered wedding dress have certainly been different and fresh.

While layers have typically been subtler in the past, 2020 has seen more tulle layers that add a lot of volume through pleating rather than extra weight. It’s perfect for the bride who wants a lightweight dress that still makes her feel like a princess on her big day.

8. Victorian Vibes

Boho bride styles have been gaining popularity for quite some time and for 2020, we’ve seen another update with a Victorian twist.

Smoking, puff sleeves and empire waists are just some key characteristics of this look and there’s a huge range of options to choose from whether you want to really embrace the traditional look or prefer a boho dress with a more modern vibe.

9. Soft Pastels

For brides that want to stay away from traditional shades of white or ivory, soft pastels are certainly gaining popularity as an alternative dress option for those who want a splash of colour.

Gowns in shades of blue, pink, yellow, lavender or even stunning floral prints have taken the industry by storm this year with watercolour wonders wowing the Spring 2020 bridal runways. Perfect for the bride who’d like ‘something blue’ to be her dress.

10. Bridal Suits

Suits are no stranger to bridal and 2020 offers a great alternative for the bride who’d rather not wear a dress. Sheer capes, sleeveless jackets, and jackets that can be used as a mini dress are just some of the styles that we’ve seen in this bridal trend for this year.

Among these fashion trends, what’s your favourite bridal for 2020? We’d love to hear from you! And don’t miss our tips for a wonderful and successful wedding :)


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