Villa Song Saigon, charming destination in Ho Chi Minh City

Villa Song Saigon, charming destination in Ho Chi Minh City
All luxury boutique hotels have a special atmosphere, a combination of home and exclusive place ambiences. Villa Song Saigon developed a unique world of serenity, creating a cocoon for fine travelers in the emerging Vietnam.

Villa Song Saigon is a quite new property – opened in 2013 – but it quickly became an institution in Ho Chi Minh City and more globally in the Vietnam luxury hospitality market thanks to a great location along the river, a magnificient restored French colonial building and a great overall management. At 45-minute distance from the airport, it offers serenity and privacy with a boutique hotel size in a crazy stressing city.

In other words it’s a great destination to take a rest for few days, have a romantic week-end pampering yourself or simply use it as headquarter to visit the city thanks to the very convenient complimentary shuttle to Saigon Opera House.


Villa Song Saigon - Pool

Villa Song Saigon – Pool

From the street it’s impossible to imagine that Villa Song Saigon hosts so many facilities that really worth five stars: a large outdoor pool on backyard with an immaculate grass garden and sun loungers, a gym center, a Spa, a fine-dining restaurant, a spectacular view over Saigon River and its local fishermen… It was an unexpected surprise for me. The residence itself is an authentic French colonial building, perfectly maintained and renovated in a district that counts lot of such properties.


Villa Song Saigon - Sanctuary Room bedroom

Villa Song Saigon – Sanctuary Room bedroom

All room and suites are different in Villa Song Saigon – this is why I like so much luxury boutique hotels – with their own decoration, design and furnitures. Our Sanctuary Room #102 was nice, located on ground floor – close to the lobby – and offering a lovely small private garden overlooking the outdoor swimming pool in the backyard. Design is very modern, in accordance with the overall French colonial style of the mansion while the floor plan has been very well exploited proposing a huge bathroom. A good mark for the complimentary mini-bar and the quality of amenities.


Villa Song Saigon - Song Vie Bar club sandwich

Villa Song Saigon – Song Vie Bar club sandwich

I enjoyed dinner at Sông Vie Bar where I ordered a homemade Club Sandwich – served very fast – seating at a table on riverside terrace, the scenery was magical. Food is not showy but at least it’s fresh and tasty ; I guess the selection and dressing would be much more luxurious in the residence’s fine dining restaurant named Bistro Sông Vie.

Level of exigency

Our stay at Villa Song Saigon was very short so we didn’t live a full service experience, however I can say that airport transfer and check-in/out management was brilliant ; staff is very kind, proactive and we can feel they are proud to work in a such property.

Stay from October 8th to 9th, 2015 – Sponsorized media visit, but this article reflects 100% of my opinion and thoughts.

Villa Song Saigon opened in late 2013 and is composed of 23 room and suites. I stayed in Sanctuary Room #102 – around 40sqm – which public rate starts at 270 USD/night.

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