The 10 Most Stunning Hotels in Bahrain

The 10 Most Stunning Hotels in Bahrain

Bahrain is a beautiful place of land surrounded by waters near United Arab Emirates. It is indeed a serene island where you can go and enjoy vacations with your friends and family, especially in the capital city Manama or near the coastline. These places make it easy for you to enjoy the city and seaside as well. There are many luxurious hotels in Bahrain, let’s review our top 10 list.

During vacations, the purpose is to enjoy the city vibes and culture of a different place so the location is another crucial aspect. Don’t worry, Barhain offers a splendid collection of resorts, suites or hotels with lagoon-designed swimming pools that will allow you to spend gorgeous holidays. When it comes to finding accommodation, you can book hotels with tajawal.

Al-Fateh Mosque in Manama

Manama is the central point for tourists as well as business meetings and many five-star hotels are located there. The skyline, Trade Centre, white sand beaches and numerous nightclubs are also the reason for its attraction. Other popular places include Sakhir, Sitra and many more where you can explore the history of Bahrain and enjoy a lot of different watersports. For instance, the presence of coral reefs on Sitra’s West Coast makes it a perfect diving spot.

Luxurious Hotel Options

Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa

It is a hotel loaded with every possible luxury located in the center of Manama. They have designed it as an island. Hotel premises include a spa, lavish suites and swimming pool. The hotel also has direct access to the beach making it more demandable. You will have a comfortable experience of staying in the great value of money.

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa

This hotel resides near the bay. Among all hotels in Bahrain, it is the only one that proudly promotes its Thalassa Spa. In Thalassa spa, seawater is used for relaxing therapy which gives beneficial effects. It also has many amenities including suites, a seawater spa and a restaurant of a renowned Italian chef.

Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre

This hotel is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel is huge and spacious of its own kind. The designs of the accommodations are up-to-date and stylish with all modern facilities. Different cuisines are available including Arab and Italian. This place also has a Royal Suite which is quite luxurious.

Al Areen Palace and Spa

It is one of the first hotels in Bahrain that introduced villa style in the country. Rooms and suites are sleek in style with a spa facility. It is situated near Al Areen Nature Reserve.

Majestic Arjaan by Rotana

Majestic Arjaan is located near both Bahrain Financial Harbor and World Trade Centre. It has a vast number of luxurious apartments. Kitchen and dining are also built-in within the suite. You can easily visit Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain National Theater and Al Muharraq Stadium. Outdoor and indoor swimming pool facilities are available.

The Gulf Hotel

Gulf Hotel is the first of few five-star hotels in Bahrain. They have comfortable rooms, lavish suites and serviced apartments. It has all the business meeting facilities, luxurious spas, restaurants and pool areas. You can enjoy the vacation or work meetings with colleagues. The prices are quite reasonable too. The Royal Palace and Grand Mosque are quite near to this hotel.

The Palace Boutique Hotel

The closest visiting sights are Khamis Mosque, Al Fateh Mosque and Bahrain National theatre. Swimming pools are outdoor as well as indoor. You can also book for sailing from this hotel as the sailing spots are nearby.

The rooms are simple yet cozy. Classic traditions are kept in mind while designing and decorating the hotel. The garden and pool area are quite vast. There is also a restaurant and health club so you do not have to go out of the hotel for these things.

The Domain

The Domain is a remarkable five-star hotel. Membership is required to stay in this hotel which is an easy process. There are three fine dining restaurants within the hotel premises. You can see remarkable city views from your room.

The service is excellent. Rooms and suites are all furnished according to modern style. There is also a lavish spa. It is a hot spot for a traveler who enjoys luxury during the vacation.

Al Bander Hotel and Resort

It is a resort with breathtaking views as it is situated at a place where the beach is in front. These views make this hotel the most liked one by the tourists. Other sites that you can easily visit include the University of Bahrain, Bahrain National Museum and Riffa Fort.

There are many swimming pools indoor and outdoor. Rooms are designed in Cabana style. You can also book family suites that are located on a private marina. Beach access is easy with many water sports. There is also a spa and kids club.

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Four Seasons Hotel is another good option for staying. The hotel design is elegant and picturesque. The hotel is built on a private island. It gives you a feeling that you are staying on a small island. The rooms are built on the upper floors of the twin towers.

The towers are joined by a beautiful bridge. Walking through the bridge, you can enjoy beautiful views. Some well-known restaurant cuisines can be enjoyed by the visitors such as Japanese Wagyu ribeye steak and Assam seafood. You will have a memorable stay in this hotel.

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