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Lodge bathroom - Picture from Lake House
The area of Daylesford kept popping up over and over again when I mentioned that I’d be spending some time in Melbourne. It turned out to be a non-compromise stopover so I was extra delighted when I was introduced to the Wolf-Tasker family of the lauded Lake House in the exquisite resort town of Daylesford.

When you arrive in Daylesford and are greeted by the peaceful greenery, it’ll be hard to believe that you’ve only driven 90 minutes outside of Melbourne. Located on Lake Daylesford, the beautiful Lake House is owned by renowned Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker and equally credible artist husband Allan Wolf-Tasker. Known for its food, wine, and wellness, this luxury retreat is an idyllic city escape.


Lovingly built up over many years, the Lake House welcomes you into its cosy bubble with its modern country home design that has a Hamptons feel. The stylishly designed reception area makes a wonderful first impression and it doesn’t stop there.

Library Bar piano

Library Bar piano

From the chic yet relaxing Argyle Library Bar with its comfy seating and piano, straight down the stairs to the light-filled restaurant, the design softly and subtly whispers that the Lake House isn’t just some country inn. It is a true, high-end boutique-style hotel.


Where to start? There are 33 rooms and suites scattered around the property, each one individually designed and decorated with its own signature style. We stayed in one of the Waterfront Suites, which overlooked the misty and mysterious Lake Daylesford. Larissa Wolf-Tasker, the daughter, is a branding genius who has nailed the interiors throughout the entire property, from the common areas to the suites. You won’t find any generic linens or decor here; instead the furniture is posh, the upholstery is lush, and there are thoughtfully selected curios to discover.

Lodge studio

Lodge studio – Picture from Lake House

The Retreats – two villas with private entrances and butler service – are stunningly designed. Guests have included some rather well-known celebs so that’s a good indication of the luxurious level of comfort. If your purse strings can handle it, you won’t regret spending a weekend here with a loved one!


We took all of our meals in the main restaurant and discovered that it draws quite the crowd most weekends, attracting the more well-heeled members of society. Scanning the diners, it’s clear that this is a place that locals hold in high regard. Alla is the Culinary Director and together with Head Chef David Green, they’ve created menus that are phenomenally palate-pleasing.

Lake house Daylesford - Restaurant Dish

Vegetable dish at restaurant

We enjoyed dishes like tuna sashimi and tartare with nori, mojama, wasabi, soy, and quail egg, which was incredible, especially alongside the sommelier’s careful wine pairing. If you’re having dinner here, I highly recommend enjoying a pre-meal cocktail at the Library Bar!

Level of exigency

The service here is warm and friendly and you can rest easy knowing you’ll be well taken care of. All the staff are super friendly and professional, from the reception to the spa, where I enjoyed a treatment with a therapist who was absolutely delightful. The only thing we noticed was a slight disjoint with the evening restaurant staff but it by no means negatively impacted our stay. It’s also worth noting that weddings are a huge part of the Lake House’s business portfolio and with good reason. On top of being a spectacular location, the events team works together seamlessly to take care of the small details so you can have a spectacular day.

The close proximity to Melbourne makes the Lake House Daylesford a perfect weekend retreat. We were only here for 24 hours but had we been able to plan differently, we would have loved to have allotted a full 48 hours to stay and explore all that Daylesford has to offer!


Stay from October 17th to 18th, 2016 – Sponsored media stay.

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