Living A Palace Experience At La Réserve Paris

Living A Palace Experience At La Réserve Paris

While it is currently difficult to travel abroad, there is a good option to escape from the daily routine: the staycation. And when you are in Paris, what a better way to do such in a Palace! This is exactly why I decided to book a one-night stay at La Réserve Paris, to live a true parisian Palace moment. Was it a good idea? Oh my God, yes.

Nominated best hotel of the world in 2017, La Réserve Paris is a very unique location in Paris. This boutique hotel from Michel Reybier Hospitality Group – only 40 rooms and suites – obtained the same year the official Palace recognition from French institutions.

Main entrance, facing Champs-Elysées in a discreet street

It is known by happy few to be a cocoon of luxury next to the Champs-Elysées, a pampering place where only the chic and elegant are coming. This exclusive location demonstrates what Paris has the best to offer in term of luxury hospitality and services.

I already had the opportunity to visit that place a while ago, for a brunch & Spa experience. It was already amazing, but I have to say that staying there is even a higher and more “Wow” experience. Simply read below!

Common areas

As a boutique hotel, La Réserve Paris is not a huge building but a cozy, human-size place with a long and noble history. Totally re-designed in 2015 by the world-renowned designer Jacques Garcia, it presents a unique and high-end atmosphere to its guests.

Reception room

Each common area has its own style thanks to Mr. Garcia, like the Reception room with its magnificent gilding on ceiling or the neoclassical Library and its shades of green.

Spa Nescens

The Spa Nescens is also not to be missed. Like at La Réserve Geneva, it has a very modern, pure and bright design. Curtains are available for privacy together with comfortable furniture to relax next to the heated indoor pool (opened 24-hour). The Spa menu proposes massages and facial treatments from the anti-aging Swiss brand Nescens, which I recommend if you want to enjoy a full La Réserve – not to say Palace – experience.

Red chairs in the corridor

Red color is omnipresent at La Réserve Paris, that’s by purpose. Some subtile touches here and there that give character to the hotel, and also a true French romantic-luxurious identity. I love it!


Due to the hotel size, each room is totally unique whatever the category you select. But some are definitely more exceptional than others, and that was the case of our Eiffel Junior Suite on the last floor.

Eiffel Junior Suite main space

This outstanding suite – only one is available – offers unparalleled indulgence. The large bedroom is opened to a living area with a comfy red sofa, a desk and a mini-bar where soft drinks are complimentary. Again, choice of furniture has to be noted along with the French oak parquet.

Balcony with Paris skyline view

Then, why Eiffel Junior Suite? Because of the three balconies offering gorgeous views over Paris skyline: the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées. Without any overlooking at all! Having in-room breakfast with such a view is a true Palace experience.

Carrara marble bathroom

Should we speak about the bathroom? This white marble bathroom is INSANE. From floor to ceiling, this Carrara marble makes you feel like entering Heaven. Take a bath in the large standalone bathtub with built-in TV or choose the walk-in shower, it will help to realize all of this is real!


During the COVID-19 period, only La Pagode de Cos restaurant was available while the Michelin-star Le Gabriel remained closed. Anyway, guys, I can tell you that this location makes a tremendous tribute to French cuisine. Seriously.

Pigeon’s wing from Carte Blanche menu

For a special culinary moment, I suggest to book for dinner a “Carte Blanche” menu by Chef Jerôme Banctel. That’s a three courses menu composed on-the-moment based on Chef’s feeling. We got a delicious pigeon’s wing as main dish!

Monkfish with caviar from a-la-carte menu

If you don’t like surprises, no problem: the Chef proposes an a-la-carte menu with a smart selection of classical dishes – Cesar salad, burger – and more French-tradition ones. Fully homemade. I went for a raw sea bram as starter, monkfish with caviar as main dish and a tarte tatin as dessert. Wow, what a culinary moment!

In-room American breakfast

Regarding breakfast, you have two options: in-room or at restaurant. Let’s be honest: a Palace experience means in-room breakfast! You can order anything you like for an American breakfast over the phone, then 15 minutes later a waiter brings a beautiful table enabling to eat and enjoy your Paris view. And here also, what a breakfast… The best roasted potatoes I had in my life, whatever cooked at home or in a restaurant!

Service Quality

If you read the above, you know that everything is perfect at La Réserve Paris. But from perfect to Palace, there is one step: the service quality. And we had a faultless, proactive, smiling, elegant and efficient service from the staff throughout our stay.

Special table arrangement for our lunch and dinner, a perfect waiter (Mr. Xavier), quick delivery for our breakfast… An invisible – but remarkable – housekeeping which made a lovely and romantic turn-down setup with rose petals… The staff available to open the Spa for us at 10pm, the late check-out granted, the personalized touches in the suite… Guys, you made our stay memorable!


One word: impressive. If you follow me regularly, you know I always stay in luxury places wherever I travel. And honestly, I guarantee you get used by all this indulgence pretty quick. This is precisely why I am impressed by La Réserve Paris: I had there a Wow effect like a didn’t have since a while.

Not only we received Palace services in Palace facilities, but we also felt like at home. That’s the power of this exclusive boutique hotel.


All pictures copyright The Luxe Insider

Stayed from September 20th to 21st, 2020 – Unsponsored media stay.

La Reserve Paris opened in 2015, is composed of 40 rooms & suites and received in 2017 the famous Palace” distinction. We stayed in the unique Eiffel Junior Suite, around 52sqm, which public rate starts at EUR 1,600/night.

La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa, Paris, France Book
42 Avenue Gabriel,
75008 Paris, France.

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