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Executive Terrace Room - Terrace view
When I asked for recommendations on the best places to stay whilst in Melbourne, everyone seemed to have the same suggestion – The Langham Melbourne, thanks to its luxurious-classy style, its glittering reputation and its stunning location along the river in the Southbank area of Melbourne.

Simultaneously iconic, slightly intimidating, and completely gracious, The Langham Melbourne is a hotel that oozes traditional luxury and sophistication. The 20-year old property is confident (rightly so) in its ability to deliver an elegant experience to its guests and feels no need to compete with the newer, trendier hotels popping up around the city.

Conveniently located by Flinders Station, you can find yourself exploring some of Melbourne’s most magnificent laneways such as Centre Place or ACDC Lane within 15 minutes of walking.


The décor is reminiscent of what you might find in a lush country house armed with loyal staff. The thick, plush carpeting seems to absorb any extra sounds (and undoubtedly cost a pretty penny) and the chandeliers hang grandly overhead.

Lobby - Picture by The Langham Melbourne

Lobby – Picture by The Langham Melbourne

Like the quintessential country estate, everything is tastefully styled and designed – you won’t find any telltale labels hanging off the furniture or brand names flashed about. What you will find, however, is the Langham brand’s signature shade of pink incorporated throughout, from the freshly cut pink roses in the lobby and the Chanel-inspired pink tweed suits of the Service Stylists to the pink cab out front. Take a whiff and you might catch the wafting fragrance of Ginger Flower, the selected Langham scent.


We were incredibly lucky to stay in one of the Executive Rooms, which had a stunning 19th floor view of the river and the CBD skyline just beyond. The epic waterfront location gives The Langham Melbourne the extra perk of being the only hotel with outdoor terraces and balconies so it’s well worth the effort to book a room that has one.

Executive Terrace Room indoor view - Picture by The Langham Melbourne

Executive Terrace Room indoor view – Picture by The Langham Melbourne

The Executive Rooms come with access to The Langham Club, which offers a range of perks such as a lovely continental breakfast, afternoon tea, and pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, to mention but a few. The highlight, however, was the spectacular butler service.

We handed over a few key items from our suitcases that had suffered the most wrinkles and they were promptly pressed and returned. In fact, any and all of our requests were acted on immediately; it was as though we had a permanent butler at the end of the hallway!


Although most of our meals were enjoyed outside the hotel as we explored the city (namely Cumulus, Inc., Estelle By Scott Pickett, and Matteo’s), we did manage to catch lunch at the hotel’s Melba Restaurant. Large and airy, there are multiple open kitchens and a “flavours of the world grazing buffet”, which more or less sums up Melba’s menu.

Melba restaurant - Picture by The Langham Melbourne

Melba restaurant – Picture by The Langham Melbourne

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh sushi, a flavourful curry, or a light salad, the restaurant caters to everyone’s palates. The atmosphere is delightfully buzzy, attracting a diverse group of people that includes business folks, local Melbournians, and, of course, hotel guests.

Level of exigency

All of the Langham staff seem to have a deep, personal connection with the property despite its sprawling size. As a guest staying in one of the 388 rooms, it would be easy to get lost in the crowd but you won’t feel like you’re just another number, nor will you feel overlooked. Many of the staff are lifers, loyal to the company and the brand, and they are graceful and experienced in delivering top-notch service. From the personable and attentive doormen through to the exceptional butler service, The Langham Melbourne makes sure that you have everything you need to make your stay both comfortable and memorable.

As further proof of The Langham Melbourne’s perfect balance between style and service, the hotel was recently voted as number two hotel in Australia and New Zealand in Condé Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice Awards. I have a feeling I’ll be back in a Langham hotel again very soon!

Stay from October 18th to 20th, 2016 – Sponsorized media visit, but this article reflects 100% of Mary’s opinion and thoughts.

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