Essential Hotel Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Next Stay

Essential Hotel Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Next Stay

If sneaking well-buttered bread rolls from the breakfast buffet into a shower cap or making a grilled cheese sandwich by using an iron is a bit too much for you, don’t worry… There are easier and classier ways to join the hotel hack club! Let’s review some of the best hotel tips and tricks.

Whether you’re planning on staying at a hotel for a personal trip or a business trip, we’ve got hotel tips and tricks to help make your stay at the hotel more comfortable. Although you will be able to learn how do I get the most out of a luxury hotel, it will also help to make any kind of hotel comfortable enough to live in.

What are some hotel hacks?

1. Don’t forget the free breakfast

When staying at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast – like Hilton Club rooms for instance – do not hesitate and take full advantage of this amenity. While many individuals may choose to skip breakfast at home, it becomes more challenging when embarking on a day filled with extensive walking and exploring a new city. Starting the day with a hotel breakfast provides a much-needed energy boost and eliminates the need to spend time and money searching for a breakfast spot, particularly in countries where breakfast is not commonly emphasized.

2. Connect Netflix

Thinking how can I make my hotel stay better? One does not require significant technical knowledge to excel at this travel hack. If the hotel room is equipped with a flat-screen TV featuring an HDMI port and offers WIFI connectivity, it’s a win! This enables a direct connection of Netflix to the TV from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, facilitating the indulgence in binge-watching favorite TV shows. If everything is set up correctly, you will be able to watch shows on UK Netflix even if you are in Bali or Sri Lanka. To watch UK Netflix you need to change your IP address. A powerful VPN like VeePN, which has many servers and whitelisted IPs, can help you deal with this.

3. Keep your curtains closed

There are few things more frustrating for a person than climbing into bed and finding a glaring gap in the hotel room curtains, allowing unwanted light to flood the room. Fortunately, there exists a simple solution to this problem – trouser hangers! These handy accessories, often found in hotel room closets, are a nice last-minute tool to securely fasten the curtains. In the rare event that trouser hangers are unavailable, hair clips can serve the same purpose.

4. Get extra key cards

There is often nothing more frustrating when one is traveling than the inconvenience of having to charge electronic devices in a hotel room with limited power outlets. This becomes particularly problematic if the power supply relies on a key card inserted into a slot within the room. It can make it challenging to charge larger gadgets such as laptops, DSLR cameras, and power banks to their full capacity.

When checking into a hotel, it is advisable to request two key cards, even for solo travelers. The extra card can be used to ensure an uninterrupted power supply when the guest is away from the room. Additionally, having a spare key card can prove to be extremely convenient in case one of them gets misplaced or stops working.

5. Take along mini-scented candles or pillow spray

Not all hotels have a calming fragrance. Some guests may have recently eaten in their hotel room, while others may not appreciate the chosen scent by housekeeping. One solution for creating a more serene atmosphere is for guests to bring mini-scented candles or pillow spray. This can help in achieving a peaceful ambiance and promoting a restful night’s sleep.

6. Book a specific number

If you call the hotel, you will be able to find out which rooms will be available on a certain date. Do your research in advance on Tripadvisor or similar websites, check the reviews from past guests and you will be able to select the right room number… Special view, balcony, etc. Book a certain room right away and you won’t have to think about it.

7. Turn your shower into a steamer

For business travelers who are keen on making a good impression, here’s a useful life hack. One can easily tackle wrinkled clothes by hanging them in the bathroom while enjoying a hot shower. The steam will effortlessly eliminate any wrinkles, guaranteeing a sharp and polished appearance for important meetings.


While the hospitality industry provides a wide range of amenities and services, there are certain hotel tips and tricks that guests can employ to make their stay more enjoyable. Indeed, from connecting your netflix account on the TV to bringing along mini-scented candles for a soothing aroma, these hacks may help make it easier to settle in without breaking the bank.

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