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5 Best Restaurants In London For Fine Dining Lovers

London is a fantastic place for luxury addicts, whatever it is for fashion, hotels, art galleries, exclusive places and… restaurants! This is my selection of 5 best restaurants in London for anyone loving fine dining, and those who want to discover it. 1. Spring Located in the arts and cultural heart of London, Spring is set in the New Wing…
London, UK
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A Week In A DoublePool Villa By Banyan Tree Phuket

Phuket is one of my favorite beach destinations. When it came to decide which place to go for a late summer, that was a quick choice. Last time I stayed at Six Senses Yao Noi, so this time I decided to come back to the very first luxury resort I experienced in my life (10 years ago): Banyan Tree Phuket.…
Phuket, Thailand
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7 Top-Notch Places to Visit in Bangkok

This is my selection of most amazing and luxurious places to visit in Bangkok, whatever the length of your stay. Two days are more than enough! Shopping malls, spas, fine-dining restaurants, art… All tastes will be satisfied, prepare the wallet and enjoy! 1. ICONSIAM A brand new luxury shopping mall to visit in Bangkok. Let’s make it clear : this…
Bangkok, Thailand
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6 Best Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an amazing city to discover, whatever it is for a short stopover or a long vacation. The sea, the desert, the culture, the luxury shopping malls… Here is my selection of 6 things to do to make your stay as memorable as possible. This selection is based on a recent trip to UAE’s capital, and I experienced…
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Summer Time At Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an interesting place to visit, throughout the year. Attractions, events, entertainment, luxury malls… There is always something to do, like Dubai. Luxury hotels are numerous there, and among them Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi stands out as a leader for anyone seeking relaxation, indulgence and proximity to points of interest. Located in the main district of UAE’s capital, near…
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Finding The Perfect Luxury Getaway On The Jersey Shore

Finding a luxury vacation spot doesn’t mean that you have to travel out of the country. Some of the most beautiful and high-class destinations are right in your own backyard. Look no further than the incredible Jersey Shore if you want to find a spot that fulfills all of your opulent vacation desires. You can enjoy the stunning beaches, small…
New Jersey, USA
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Explore the Art Scene of the 16th District in Paris

Known the world over as La ville de l’Amour (‘the City of Love’), Paris remains the Mecca for art lovers around the globe, with a plethora of world-renowned art galleries for the cultured traveller. While Musée du Louvre and Centre Pompidou receive millions of visitors every year, the quaint boulevards of the 16th district (arrondissement) of Paris hide several exquisite…
Paris, France
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