2015 Best Travel Blogs

After a 2014 contest where we highlighted great blogs such as Qosy and Holy Smithereens, it’s now time to introduce our 2015 best travel blogs selection with big names and hidden jewels. This is a selection of best travel blogs we followed in 2015 ; each of them reflects a certain vision of luxury with interesting contents about finest destinations and hotels worldwide. As usually, I am always…
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Top 10 luxury goods for stylish travelers

Fly in the most luxurious airplane classes and stay in the most prestigious hotels are not enough to make you a luxury traveler, you must do it with style and elegance! The Luxe Insider has gathered its top 10 luxury goods and pieces for traveling, from luggage to electronic device, which can garnish your own wish list or inspire your…
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Top 3 Best Luxury Hotels in London

Luxury hotels are very numerous in London and all styles are represented: classical, art-déco, modern, futuristic, eco-friendly… After reviewing many of them, The Luxe Insider made a top 3 selection where luxury and level of exigency reach highest ranks. 1. Bulgari London Probably the greatest Wow factor we had in a London hotel. From the very modern design to the level of…
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2014 Best Travel Blogs

Luxury travel blogs are very numerous on the web, it can be sometimes difficult to find reliable and personal content from authors who really travel and visit what they are reviewing. We decided to highlight here our selection of best travel blogs in which we trust and that will allow you to discover plenty of stunning places. This is our…
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5 reasons to use a luxury travel advisor

Think you’re getting the best deal booking luxury travel yourself online? Think again. While if you’re a budget traveler, you probably can get many of the best bargains yourself, the same isn’t true for luxury travel. If your taste runs to the very best luxury hotels and airline products the world has to offer, here’s why you should think about…
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