Discover the best airlines cabins (First & Business classes) as well as most impressive airport lounges worldwide.

Making The Most Of United Airlines First Class Onboard Experience

Flying first class has always been one of the first things people think of when they hear the word luxury. Starting out as simply offering some more spacious seating, first class flights today have transformed into an experience of their own. It has to provides comfort, convenience and entertainment. United Airlines is among those who have embraced this transformation… And…
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When To Book A Flight With The Best Deal

It is forecasted that by the end of 2023, 32.4 million passengers will board a plane to go to a desired destination, either for work or leisure. Finding a great deal on plane tickets is something everyone wishes they could do all the time. We’ve seen prices for the same flight route fluctuate from low to sky-high in just a…
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Flight Services Experts: Making Air Travel A Breeze

Air travel is often compared to embarking on a journey through the high seas. Passengers are sailors and flight attendants are crew members tasked with ensuring a safe and comfortable voyage. However, just like any other sea-faring vessel, airplanes require the expertise of specialists who can navigate through the intricacies of air travel. These experts are known as Flight Services…
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8 Tips To Combat Boredom During A Long Flight

Are you planning a vacation and afraid that spending many hours inside a plane may bore you? How do you spend this time to make the trip more enjoyable and avoid arriving too tired at the destination? Enjoying a long flight is not an easy task… Let’s see how to optimize this time. Here are eight things to do on the…
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JetHustle Swaps Your Seat From Airline To Private Jet

The pandemic dismantled almost every industry and sector across the globe. But to highlight one in particular that more or less flatlined as a result of the crisis, many would agree that Travel was the hardest hit. Let’s see how JetHustle company is redefining the way of traveling in these difficult times. It was Winston Churchill who once famously said…
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6 of The World’s Most Amazing First Class Airlines

Are you dreaming of (literally!) living the high life on your next flight? Whether you’re jetting off for a fortnight’s break on a paradise island in the Caribbean, or planning to enjoy premium shopping, gastronomy and more in a world-class city like London, New York or Tokyo, your experience starts on the plane. Here is a shortlist of 6 amazing first…
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Review: Etihad Airways A380 Business Class

There are many options to travel East from Europe. Emirate companies are definitely interesting when it comes to business class trips, like Emirates or Qatar Airways. Let’s do the focus on the latest offer onboard Etihad Airways A380 aircraft, flying from Paris to Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways is probably not as popular as Emirates, but it has for sure the…
Paris, France
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