La Réserve Genève, A Gorgeous Urban Resort By The Lake

I already had a chance to stay at the gorgeous La Réserve Genève some years ago, and it was absolutely wonderful. I came back there this summer and realized how fantastic it is to have such a great urban resort during current pandemic days. In nature, with lake views and five-star facilities… The perfect destination for an escapade in Switzerland!…
Geneva, Switzerland
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The Top 5 Boutique Hotels In London

London is a vibrant city rich in history which is extremely popular with holidaymakers, particularly in the summer months. It’s also a place that knows how to do luxury and is packed full of millionaires and a selection of trendy 5-star hotels regularly frequented by the rich and famous. England’s capital also offers an extensive selection of boutique hotels worth…
London, Great Britain
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Bosphorus Leather, An Accessory Brand For Watch Lovers

It is an undeniable fact that our choices form who we really are. Our choices are the ones that can reveal the difference. Believe it or not, we want to be distinctive, especially in our exclusive moments in order to feel special. Still, creating a dissimilarity is not quite simple as mass production is so popular in today’s world. Bosphorus…
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Should You Buy or Rent When Living in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the world’s jet-setting capitals and hands down one of the countries with the best standards of living. This, however, comes at a price. Even if you’re a high roller, buying property in Singapore can get expensive. It does have its benefits, like Singapore’s red hot real estate market and the strong possibility that you’ll be able…
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The 10 Most Stunning Hotels in Bahrain

Bahrain is a beautiful place of land surrounded by waters near United Arab Emirates. It is indeed a serene island where you can go and enjoy vacations with your friends and family, especially in the capital city Manama or near the coastline. These places make it easy for you to enjoy the city and seaside as well. There are many luxurious…
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