Why Flying In Private Jet Is Worth Every Penny

Vistajet - Jet interior

What’s better than flying business classFlying on your own private jet, of course! It may seem like something reserved only for the rich and famous, but thanks to many new companies offering things like ‘empty leg seats’ it’s becoming even easier (and cheaper) to hire your own plane.

Below, we’ll explore why paying extra to fly in private jet is more than worth it.

You Save Yourself Lots of Time

One of the worst things about travelling is the amount of time it takes. From getting to the airport to queuing through security and getting a transfer, it can take hours upon tiresome hours to get to where you want to be.

However, with a private jet, a lot of this hassle is eradicated. Clearing security is now a matter of minutes rather than queueing for an hour, after which you can simply board the plane if you’ve let your crew know ahead of time that you’re going to be flying. Speaking of your crew, they can get to work loading your luggage without you needing to use the airports luggage check in if you invest in an airport baggage tug for them to use. They can simply drive this up to your arrival point and get everything loaded before you even get on board, this way you can take off as soon as you’re ready and avoid all the waiting around for departure.

Vistajet - Jet Challenger 850

Vistajet – Jet Challenger 850

Not only are you not restricted by security and having to be at the airport at least two hours before your flight, but your plane can also land far closer to each setting off point and destination.

Unlike large commercial planes, private jets aren’t limited to the same big airports, meaning you can land in places that are far more remote and nearer to where you want to be. This saves you even more time and stress.

You Enjoy Far More Privacy

Another hugely inconvenient part of flying is the lack of privacy you get, even if you are in your own private pod in business class. Several of you travelling together won’t be able to communicate freely without the fear of being overheard by your fellow passengers.

Vistajet - Jet cabin

Vistajet – Jet cabin

This can take a lot of the excitement out of your travel as you feel restricted by those around you – and if you’re travelling on business, you can’t get down to the nitty-gritty with your colleagues.

Vistajet - In-flight dining

Vistajet – In-flight dining

Onboard a private jet, however, you’re free to talk about whatever you want which allows you to relax, unwind and enjoy the flight as you wish. Plus, for business travellers, this means getting a lot of work done which saves you time on the ground.

You Get to See More of the World

The ability for a private jet to land at the majority of airports, large and small, means you can stop off in more places and explore things you would never see when opting for commercial travel.

Vistajet - Jet Challenger 850

Vistajet – Jet Challenger 850

For example, you may be heading to a large city, but there’s nothing stopping you from landing somewhere nearby for lunch or to take in the scenery. And this is the same if you’re a business traveller, too. As you’re saving time in the airport, in the air and in the office, you can enjoy a luxury stopover or two on your journey.

Ultimately, private jets offer the prestigious traveller far more scope, whether they need to be able to conduct business while flying or they want to explore places that are off the beaten track. And in our opinion, these key advantages are priceless.

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