A Short Trip in Thai Airways Royal Silk Class

A Short Trip in Thai Airways Royal Silk Class

My first impression when I entered into the plane and went to my seat was: whaouw ! A very modern, large and clean business class with some brand new seats for a price so cheap… How could I miss it ?

For this 1-hour flight we had a quick cold lunch pretty good but nothing exceptional. Unfortunately cabien crew didn’t activate the entertainment system so we just enjoyed a interactive map on the wide screen ; no problem, just extend the seat at 150° and have a sleep waiting for the dream beaches of Phuket :) The service quality on board is very class as expected for such a company. On the contrary at the lounge airport – Thai Airways Royal Silk Class lounge for domestic flight – the service is quite poor as well as the whole lounge experience. Well, it’s “just” a domestic flight…

Regarding the price we paid, 120 EUR/person for round trip, the value is definitely very good compared to Economy class so do not hesitate to take this class you will be sure to pass a luxury journey !

Seat Experience

Thai Airways Business Class - Seat

Thai Airways Business Class – Seat

We experimented the standard business class seat during this flight. Large, modern and brand new, it was very correct for a short flight but I am not sure it would be comfortable enough for a long one. Moreover it offers a full flat bed but reclines only at 150°…

The screen is amazingly large with a multi-language entertainment system while the embedded table could allow a “plate service” instead of a meal tray.

By the way, the 2-2-2 configuration plus the efficiency of the overall are the key points of this Thai Airways Royal Silk Class and make it far better than most of European business classes.


Thai Airways Business Class - Catering

Thai Airways Business Class – Catering

Not luxurious but still good value, this could resume the TG catering for their Thai Airways Royal Silk Class catering during short flight.

We enjoyed only cold meal in a very fast service – flight was just 1-hour long – so it’s a bit difficult to estimate their level of quality. However the overall experience was pleasant and at least we had something to eat contrary to Economy class :)

BKK to HKT, day flight on A330 in October 2009.

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