Pure style of Thai Airways Royal First Class

Pure style of Thai Airways Royal First Class

For our trip in Thailand I wanted it to be very VIP. I first look at Emirates, which is supposed to have the second or third best first class, but I finally took the advantage of a Thai Airways’s offer, solding 30% off on their First Class rates in early 2012. What a luck ! We experimented probably the best ground services worldwide as well as one of the top 3 luxury cabin configuration and quality. For sure, we will remember that flight :)

During boarding, the first class cabin crew introduce theirselves as well as the captain. You are greeted personally and accompanied to your seat, where a blanket and a toiletry are waiting for you. Special attention to this toiletry bag, the best I ever had: simulate a small luggage case Rimowa with zip and “La Maxime” products inside.

When you book in Royal First Class, you can pre-order your flight meal on the Thai website weeks ago. Then after take off, cabin crew has a list for all first class passengers and they ask for each of them if the order they have is correct ; dinner starts 1 hour after take off with some caviar appetizer, not bad !

​Once the dinner is finished you can ask the crew to make your bed. They turn the seat into a full flat bed at 180° and put a thin mattress, you just have to take your blanket and enjoy your night flight !

Seat Experience

Thai Airways Royal First Class

Thai Airways Royal First Class

Simply the best… Thai Airways Royal First Class in B777 is composed of 8 mini-suites very large, completely private when closed with a 60cm wide screen. The remote screen allow you to pilot both the screen and the seat.

If needed, the ottoman can be used for a guest during lunch/dinner ; indeed, the comfortable table is big-enough for 2. Can you imagine that you can have a romantic and gastronomic dinner at 10km altitude ?? This is just amazing. Of course, let me say that thai cabin crew service is top notch, taking care of the smallest of your needs and doing everything for your comfort.

During this flight I enjoyed a good selection of movies and music, either in french or english ; the number of french movies could be increased, just 3 or 4 top films were available.


Thai Airways Royal First Class - Caviar appetizers

Thai Airways Royal First Class – Caviar appetizers

When catering reach luxury… Just a perfection for all dishes from appetizers to dessert, with a finest selection of alcohol and a so smooth service.

We enjoyed first a caviar appetizer, then a lobster salad and – bad luck – as I said in introduction I booked a pre-ordered meal for my dinner, a grilled lobster…  So too many lobsters for this dinner ! But it was ok. The quality of cutlery, plates, the silk sheet are pretty good, it is quite rare even for premium classes. ​Globally the crew service during dinner and breakfast was top notch ; of course it’s not surprising from a thai company.

Unfortunately you will not see any pictures from my return flight, as too many turbulences hindered to have a correct meal… during 12 hours !!

CDG to BKK, night flight onB777 in February 2012.

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