A Smooth Journey Aboard EVA Air Royal Laurel Class

Royal Laurel entertainment system

Flying Business Class from Singapore to Taipei offers many possibilities in term of airlines. I already tried Singapore Airlines few years before, so I decided to focus on the Taiwanese company EVA Airways and its Royal Laurel Class. Guess what? It’s one of the best product in the area and also one of the cheapest!

For a European traveller like me, EVA Air is a pretty unknown company. As far as I remember, I have never seen it featured in a magazine, in my social feeds or on the websites I consult regularly. But in Asia, of course it’s another story: this airline is unavoidable for anyone flying to/from Taiwan, and known as having a very good hard product and services for its Royal Laurel Class. Let’s check it.


Check-in opens for EVA Air flights opens two hours before flight departure at Chiangi airport terminal 3. I was quite surprised because I’ve read in several articles that a dedicated counter for business class travelers exists and allows to check-in in advance ; but this time I was told to wait, exactly like any other Economy passengers. A point of investigation for next time..

Airport Lounge

EVA Air Royal Laurel class passengers are entitled to access SilverKris lounge at Chiangi airport. This lounge is really, really large and at 1pm on Saturday we were nearly 20 people for a place able to welcome 200 guests.

SilverKris lounge entrance

SilverKris lounge entrance

Interior design is pretty conventional but it does the job: light marble, brown leather on seats and an overall classical-cozy-chic atmosphere. Beautiful orchids touches everywhere in the lounge.

SilverKris lounge

SilverKris lounge

Food and beverages selection was huge and of good quality, whatever for Asian or Western taste and all kind of alcohol were available. I am sure coffee lovers would be pleased as well, this lounge has the best bean-to-cup machines I’ve ever seen.

SilverKris lounge alcohol selection

SilverKris lounge alcohol selection

In term of facilities, SilverKris lounge offers all business standards – showers, business lounge with computers, meetings rooms – and goes even beyond with some LG “Stylers”, dry-clean machines for jackets and shirts.

Boarding & Cabin Experience

Royal Laurel class passengers were called for a priority boarding right on time, even 5 minutes before if I remember well. It was quite smooth and ground staff very professional.

Seat 1K

Seat 1K

I had seat 1K on window side and thanks to the 1-2-1 “reversed herringbone” configuration my journey was very nice. I really love this kind of semi-enclosed seats that gives lot of privacy, oriented on windows, you almost feel like in a mini-suite.

Seat 1K

Seat 1K

Entertainment system was also amazing, it’s interesting to see how airlines greatly improved this part in the past few years. Digital remote control, high-definition screen and extensive movie’s selection… Stunning!


I enjoyed lunch during this trip onboard EVA Air Royal Laurel class; an hostess introduce herself before take-off gave me the menu and asked for my choice.

Tuna tartar and seared sesame tuna with avocado

Tuna tartar and seared sesame tuna with avocado

I have to admit it was very good: the tuna tartar – served at the plate – as hors d’oeuvre was just de-li-cious. Knowing that sense of taste is reduced in flight, it’s quite a performance!

Fruit plate

Fruit plate

Finally, because that starter was already enough, I stopped here and the hostess directly brought me the dessert, a fruit plate. Thanks to the staff kindness, this lunch was lovely despite turbulences.


Thanks to its ground services and 1-2-1 cabin configuration, EVA Air Royal Laurel class is to me the best option for a business flight between Singapore and Taipei. Seat and catering are definitely great, the airlines has to be considered also for other trips – especially if you are a Star Alliance card holder.


EVA Air 216
Singapore (SIN) – Taipei (TPE)
Saturday, January 06th 2018
Depart: 3:45PM
Arrive: 8:15PM
Duration: 4hr30min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 6A (Royal Laurel class)

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