Private Jet vs First Class Flying: Which is Better?

Chapman private jet charterChapman private jet charter

Aviation has come a long way since the Wright brothers were credited with creating the first successful, albeit limited, airplane. Now, you can fly to almost any destination in the world whilst choosing how much comfort you want to enjoy during the flight.

Two of the most luxurious options when flying include private jet charter and first class, both of which come with their own unique set of advantages. Here is a look at both these options, and which may be the overall winner when it comes to air travel.


There are no two ways about it, the cost to rent a private jet will undoubtedly set you back a great deal more than flying first class on a regular commercial plane, although prices can vary depending on which private jet company you fly with..

Private jet

Private jet

That being said, some people do decide to group together to split the cost (which can be around £7000), whilst still enjoying the luxury and comfort of flying on a private jet. This helps to bring the price to something resembling that of a first class flight, although it is still more expensive.


The biggest draw to private jet charter is undoubtedly the comfort it offers, with more space, less people and a great deal of amenities available. Whilst first class does have a range of benefits like extra legroom and food available, the money paid for a flight on a private jet does go the extra mile.

Private jet interior

Private jet interior

You can, for instance, request virtually any food of your choosing prior to the flight (given that it is a bespoke service), as well as get VIP treatment. Although First Class services offer great food, the ability to choose your own on a private jet is one of the perks!

Gulfstream G550 interior

Gulfstream G550 interior

When taking a private jet you can also skip waiting in line and having to endure the general drudgery which comes with having to go through an airport. When flying private you can arrive as little as 15 minutes before departure and security is much less hassle. While travelling first class, you still have to tackle the queues and long wait for your flights.


It’s not just luxury on the flight that private jets can offer, though. Given that they are mostly small planes with a great deal of flexibility as to their destination, they often also have access to a great deal more airports around the world which large commercial flights simply do not visit.

Private jet

Private jet boarding

This means that those flying on a private jet can often expect to get to their location quicker, and there is also less pressure to get to rush to get to the flight in time, as private jets are more likely to wait for all their passengers to board (even the late ones).


There are many advantages to flying on a private jet compared to first class, but that is to be expected for the overall prices you can expect to pay. However, with rising first class prices and more options to group together for private jets, the latter could well be the better, more popular, and even cheaper option in the near future.

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