No-fault in Cathay Pacific Business Class

No-fault in Cathay Pacific Business Class

I like to be impressed when I enter an hotel or visit a country ; I didn’t know I could be stunned by a basic Business Class ! This is the magic of Cathay Pacific, one of the TOP 3 companies which understood that a travel begins when you enter the plane.

Indeed, the first impression when you pass the curtain is “Do I am in first or business ??” ! The seat are very brand new, the configuration is just perfect – no neighboor whatever you are – and the space is probably the same as a standard first class. I was just disappointed because it was only a 2-hour flight… What a mess !

Cathay doesn’t deserve its reputation regarding catering, it was very good with a top notch service. A perfect dish enjoyed in a perfect seat, I really was in a dream ! Next time I try their first class :)

Seat Experience

Cathay Pacific Business Class A330 - Seat

Cathay Pacific Business Class A330 – Seat

Cathay Pacific Business Class is just the best I ever tried. I especially liked the “ear” configuration that allows you to have both privacy and lot of space ; I don’t know why this has not been setup before ?!

Material are very good, there isn’t any leather but some soft and resistant tissue covering this seat that can be transformed into a full flat bed at 180° – where many other companies are just at 150° – with no view over you thanks to the large armrest. Of course you have to pay for that, Cathay is not cheap but when you get a ticket you are sure to have a pleasant flight.

I didn’t try the entertainment system as flight was too short.


Cathay Pacific Business Class A330 - Catering

Cathay Pacific Business Class A330 – Catering

For a short flight, this catering went far away my expectation: some hot dishes with an ice-cream as dessert, where can you find that in a 2-hour flight ?

Service is very polite and smily, once again asian people are just the best. They greet you by name, ask you if everything goes well several times during the flight and can even prepare you some fresh mixed fruit with a blender !! Just amazing.

TPE to HKG, day flight on A330 in August 2012.

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