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United Airlines Aircraft

Flying first class has always been one of the first things people think of when they hear the word luxury. Starting out as simply offering some more spacious seating, first class flights today have transformed into an experience of their own. It has to provides comfort, convenience and entertainment. United Airlines is among those who have embraced this transformation… And passengers flying in United Airlines First Class today are sure to have a journey worth remembering.

United’s Premium Routes

United First is a premium airline offering, and it’s primarily a domestic one. It extends to a wide range of destinations within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We say primarily rather than completely a domestic one, as United offers first class flights to Canada, too.

Some of the most frequented United First routes are between New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco. These flights are often filled with business travelers, while holidaymakers seeking some time at the beach are regularly found flying first class from cities like Chicago or Houston to Hawaii.
United has established a network of hubs throughout North America that allow them to service a large amount of cities. In the US, Newark Liberty International Airport in New York City, O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, as well as major airports in Houston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Denver are important cogs in the network.

The Luxurious United First Cabin

If we take a peek inside United’s first class cabin, we will be greeted by interiors screaming luxury and comfort. The seats are crafted from contoured leather and designed with ergonomics in mind. They are spacious, have both lumbar support and the ability to recline, and have very flexible headrests. Unlike Polaris – United’s reimagined business class – there are no lie-flat seats on United First, but the seats are still built to provide an extremely comfortable journey.

United Airlines First Class
United First Cabin

Another feature of United Airlines first class is one that you’ll benefit from, but you might not notice it. The lighting of the cabin adjusts according to different phases of the flight, with calming blue colors during sleep times and brighter, energizing colors when it’s time to eat.

As always, on first class flights, you can expect to receive a few bonuses for free. United has partnerships with UA Body and Saks Fifth Avenue. So passengers receive luxurious bedding and pajamas, alongside some skincare products.

In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity

The best way to spend your time on a flight differs widely from person to person. Some will get some extra rest, while others view it as the perfect moment to work. The latter group will be pleased to know that onboard Wi-Fi is readily available, and each seat is equipped with both USB ports and universal power adapters to make sure your devices stay charged.

For those who don’t like to sleep or work on planes, United has partnerships with a number of entertainment platforms. It includes DirecTV and United Private Screening, and they even have an extensive audio library. If you feel like taking a break from screens instead, the award-winning in-flight magazine — Hemispheres — is filled with stories about different destinations, as well as food trends and much more.

Some flights even host special premieres of movies before they are released to the public. If you find yourself on one of these flights, make sure to put on your provided noise-cancellation headphones and fully immerse yourself in a luxury travel experience.

United’s MileagePlus Loyalty Program

United’s MileagePlus Loyalty Program is a significant part of the first class experience, offering many different opportunities. You can enroll in this program at no cost through the United Airlines website or mobile app, and you can then earn miles every time you fly with United or any Star Alliance partner airline.

The MileagePlus program has been so successful that Global Traveler Magazine has rated it the best frequent flyer program in the world for nine straight years. The program has four status tiers, and the higher the status, the more perks on offer. For example, if a member with 1K status — the highest level — were looking to book flights with United, they would get priority boarding privileges and even extra baggage allowances.

Another standout feature of the program is the huge network of partnerships you get access to. Members can earn miles while spending at Marriott hotels, Hertz cars and even shopping via the Apple Online Store.

Flying United Airlines First Class allows you to have a luxurious experience before you even make it to your destination. Better than that, you’ll accrue MileagePlus miles in the process, allowing to do it again later on at reduced cost. Consider United First the next time you travel. Flying doesn’t have to be a stressful experience anymore.

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