JetHustle Swaps Your Seat From Airline To Private Jet

JetHustle Swaps Your Seat From Airline To Private Jet

The pandemic dismantled almost every industry and sector across the globe. But to highlight one in particular that more or less flatlined as a result of the crisis, many would agree that Travel was the hardest hit. Let’s see how JetHustle company is redefining the way of traveling in these difficult times.

It was Winston Churchill who once famously said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. In that same spirit of determination and gumption comes a new aviation startup from London called JetHustle.

Private jet on tarmac

An innovative private jet company

JetHustle is an offshoot of an already established private jet charter company. It seeks to bridge the gap between commercial and private flying via a new-age flight booking platform. It not only lets you compare prices for your flight from the usual airlines, it takes things up a notch by presenting you with empty seats available on private jets at a comparable price tag.

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“If there are no available private jet seats for your route, JetHustle will hook you up with a seat on the commercial airline of your choice. We’re Skyscanner or Expedia but on steroids.” comments JetHustle CEO Sam Farshian. At least it has for Ebbe Dinesen, the ex-Chairman of Carlsberg who makes the famous Danish beer. After flying on a private jet flight to Denmark, Dinesen was sufficiently impressed that he decided to invest in JetHustle.

A growing business

“Although JetHustle is still under development it continues to be shaped by our users and seismic shifts in the industry. We have been putting bums on seats and generating revenue whilst finding what works and what doesn’t.” says Anthony O’Dwyer, business development manager at JetHustle. “The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive so far. In a matter of months we have expanded our services to 16 different European destinations.”

The company’s user base has grown exponentially thanks in part JetHustle says to private jets offering socially distanced travel.

Private jet on tarmac

“A huge concern in travel right now is safety and hygiene. From the start to finish of a journey, private jet travellers only have around 25 – 30 touchpoints. This is 95% less than commercial passengers who have over 500 touchpoints” says Vanessa Vasquez, member of JetHustle’s team from their newly office in Marbella.

An industry needing a rebuild

JetHustle has recently also caught the eye of a well known Danish airline mogul. Lars Thuesen who has a well documented career in banking and travel has now also backed JetHustle.

“JetHustle is an innovative approach to solving an old problem, i.e. empty seats” says Thuesen, who owns two airlines and 20% stake in the Latvian national airline, Air Baltic. “Empty seats have always been the main challenge for the whole aviation Industry. I found JetHustle’s approach so refreshing and spot on that I couldn’t resist investing”.

Glass of Champagne before take-off

The aviation industry is looking to rebuild – including luxury airlines – as international air travel begins to re-open. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents 290 airlines and over 80% of the world’s total air traffic, is constantly putting measures in place to aid recovery from the pandemic.

Private aviation is experiencing a post-Covid boom which added to the fact that larger airlines have majorly cut back due to the pandemic may have created an opportunity for JetHustle. “Timing is everything!” says CEO Farshian.

To find out how to fly with JetHustle call +44 (0)208 064 1000 or visit

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