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Launched in 2016, the new Air France Business Class offers high-end services to passengers that finally allow the company to be one of the most advanced of the industry. Better late than never!

Until last year, if you had asked a frequent long-haul business traveler its opinion about Air France, he was probably going to laugh before explaining with many arguments why this company had the worst business class cabin of the market.

Air France Business Class cabin

Air France Business Class cabin

This is a completely different story today. At the beginning of 2016 the airline introduced a STUNNING re-designed business cabin with lie-flat leather seats in a 1-2-1 configuration and a state-of-the-art entertainment system. Together with its fine-dining service, this new Air France Business Class definitely worth the value.

Seat Experience

The seat is certainly the key change of that brand new business cabin. Contrary to the previous “fake”-bed seat, which was actually tilting only up to 120 degrees, the new one proposes a pure lie-flat bed with plenty of space for legs.

Window seat 10A

Window seat 10A

Moreover, each seat offers much more privacy and quietness thanks to the 1-2-1 reverse herinbone configuration of the cabin. All good to enjoy a perfect night flight! I would especially recommend window seats, they are a kind of mini-suite and I like it.

Lie-flat seat bed

Lie-flat seat bed – Credit

The other great update of that Air France Business Class is the entertainment system. Screen is now multi-touch with a better definition – I think it is HD at least – and more reactive: no need to wait ages between pages… A touch-screen remote control is available to complete this perfect system.

Entertainment system

Entertainment system

Movies catalog has also been improved with much more choices, including very recent hits, and new options in the playing: direct switch to the main menu, continue watching the movie at home after flight, etc; only picture-in-picture is missing.


Air France catering is still as good as before, with menus designed by famous French Chefs and refreshed regularly. They even are currently some cocktails inspired by Ritz Paris available on board, in addition to the usual a-la-carte snacks and drinks orderable throughout the flight. Hey, this is French gastronomy :)

Air France Business Class menu - Dinner and breakfast

Air France Business Class menu – Dinner and breakfast

Even flying from Hong Kong, catering honors its reputation and as you can see in below picture it’s really fine-dining.

Dinner - Main dish (grilled beef)

Dinner – Main dish (grilled beef)

My only regret is the service: I would have prefer a service at-the-plate instead of the economy-like meal tray… Not a big deal, but compare to competitors it’s a bit cheap especially when you know what Air France is able to do for its La Première passengers. A compromise between cheap tray and top-notch cutlery would be appreciated!


Air France might not have the best business class offer of the market, but for sure it now enters the restricted TOP 5 a proposes a true luxurious experience for long-haul flights. Besides the new cabin, ground floor services are getting better – Air France lounges worldwide and “Number 1” fast-track queue in Paris CDG airport – and achieve to make that company a beautiful showcase for Europe.


Air France 185
Hong Kong (HKG) – Paris (CDG)
Wednesday, May 31st
Depart: 10:55PM
Arrive: 5:55AM
Duration: 13hr00min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Seat: 10A (Business Class)

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