A single way in A380 Emirates Business Class

A single way in A380 Emirates Business Class
Emirates is the company with the most A380s on order with a total of 140 and already 58 delivered. The number of in-flight services and interior design are one of the most amazing, especially in premium classes. Let’s review the A380 Emirates Business Class.

If you think that long haul flights are always painful and boring, it seems you never tried the A380 Emirates Business Class. With the entire upper floor dedicated to Business passengers, a standalone cocktail bar, some relaxation sofas and a 1-2-1 configuration offering maximum of privacy, the experience goes far beyond competitors. On ground, premium customers can enjoy a complimentary limousine service to go to/leave the airport, and a fantastic lounge at Dubai ; in addition, rates are one of the cheapest worldwide. This is unbeatable!

Seat Experience

Emirates A380 Business Class - Window seat

Emirates A380 Business Class – Window seat

We already reviewed years ago an Emirates Business seat but this was the first we experiment the proper A380 Emirates Business Class one and I have to say it worth the value, especially the single window seats. They are actually a kind of mini-suites offering lot of privacy – away from the corridor – which is very convenient when you turn it into full flat bed.

Then the award-winning entertainment ICE system perfectly completes the overall, with a wide movies selection manageable through a touch pad located on the private mini-bar.


Emirates A380 Business Class - Lunch

Emirates A380 Business Class – Lunch

Taking off from Paris at daylight, catering was very nice with an interesting food & beverages selection for lunch. Our meal was well served and coocked to our seat. The only complaint is usual for Emirates Business Class: we would appreciated to be served at the plate and have an a-la-carte menu for unexpected hunger during the flight. Well, let’s say the company has an axis of improvement!

CDG to PVG, day flights both on A380 in February 2015.


  1. March 24, 2015 / 9:19 AM

    lovely interiors, Emirates is really impressive in all classes. I’d love to try their business class in A380 one day :)

  2. September 9, 2022 / 10:32 PM

    Emirates first class recently took home the TPG Award for best international first class, and for good reason. It might be the most sought after award ticket out there, and it certainly tops most travelers’ bucket lists.

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