6 of The World’s Most Amazing First Class Airlines

6 of The World’s Most Amazing First Class Airlines

Are you dreaming of (literally!) living the high life on your next flight? Whether you’re jetting off for a fortnight’s break on a paradise island in the Caribbean, or planning to enjoy premium shopping, gastronomy and more in a world-class city like London, New York or Tokyo, your experience starts on the plane. Here is a shortlist of 6 amazing first class airlines.

So, of course, you’ll want to make sure your time on-board is as pleasant and pampered as possible, right? With this in mind, find below Byevisa.com’s guide to 6 of the world’s most luxurious airlines, to really put the wind beneath your wings for your next trip!

1. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s flag carrier, and so well-known for its flights to and from Asia’s financial capital city. Aside from finance, Hong Kong is famous as a hub for top-notch, luxury brands and fine dining.

Cathay Pacific First Class suite on B777-300ER
Cathay Pacific First Class suite on B777-300ER

If you avail yourself of Cathay’s First Class service, you can enjoy Bose noise-cancelling headphones, free wifi, cotton sheets and pyjamas, plus an à la carte on-board menu available at all times. Exquisite cuisine options include grilled US prime Angus beef striploin.

A non-stop 11-hour 40-minute flight from London to Hong Kong costs around $11,000.

2. Emirates

Emirates is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it flies worldwide. This airline’s first-class service offers the sort of exceptional experience that you’re likely to remember for years to come.

Emirates First Class suite on A380

You’ll be driven to the plane in a Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan. Then, on-board, your cabin is entirely enclosed for complete privacy, and each cabin has a 32-inch television. There’s a fully stocked mini-bar, and you communicate with the cabin crew via videocall.

Emirates’ dining options include a wide variety of succulent international dishes. A direct 7-hour flight from London to Dubai costs around $8,000.

3. Singapore Airlines

The Lion City, as Singapore is also fondly known, has gone to lengths in recent years to turn itself into a luxury travel hotspot. As such, it makes sense that Singapore Airlines offers a first-class service to match.

Singapore Airlines First Class suite on A380

A direct 18-hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore costs around $18,000. You’ll enjoy complete privacy from other passengers, a 24-inch television, an extra-wide seat, plus free wifi.

Meanwhile, in terms of dining options, you choose your main course up to 24 hours in advance, prepared by Singapore Airlines’ top international culinary team.

4. Lufthansa

Germany’s largest airline, Lufthansa, offers first-class flights both to and from an array of well-known German cities, other attractive European destinations, and worldwide.

Lufthansa First Class on A380

This airline’s first-class service stands out, firstly, because you’re driven to the plane in a Porsche. Moreover, the pre-flight lounge experience includes a shower, all-you-can-eat-and-drink, plus a nap room. On-board, there’s plenty of privacy, while you’re treated to free wifi and your own TV screen too.

Culinary service stands out because it’s tailored to each global region, whether you’re travelling to Europe, Asia, the United States or elsewhere. Depending on your origin and destination, a first-class ticket costs from $7,000 to $15,000.

5. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

All Nippon Airways, also called Zennikkū, is Japan’s largest carrier. Whether you’re flying to the Land of The Rising Sun or elsewhere in the world, they offer a remarkably pleasant, memorable travel experience.

ANA First Class suite on B777

Highlights include free wifi, a 23-inch touchscreen, cotton blankets, plus a sliding door for added privacy in your cabin. Meanwhile, the food and drink options are carefully selected by well-known connoisseurs, including refined wines and premium steaks.

A direct, 14-hour flight from New York to Tokyo costs around $14,500.

6. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the UAE’s second flag carrier. The airline’s first-class service is among the very best available anywhere in the world.

Etihad Airways The Residence on A380

When you book a first-class apartment ticket with Etihad, you occupy a 45-square feet private cabin with your own butler. There’s a shower, a 7-foot long bed, an armchair, a make-up cabinet with a mirror, a free bathrobe and wifi, plus an entertainment system with a TV. Meanwhile, the on-board chef prepares your food to your tastes and preferences. 

A 14-hour direct flight from New York to Abu Dhabi costs around a cool $32,000. A “normal” but still luxurious first class cabin is also available on Etihad airline.

To sum up, with any of these premium carriers, you’re sure to have a truly heavenly experience virtually from the moment you step outside your door. Wherever you’re travelling, be sure to relax, open your senses and make the most of a truly outstanding flight experience.

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