Gorgeous Spa & Dining Treats for Couples in Bath

Roman bath, Bath

Booking a romantic getaway is important for couples. After all, quality time is one of the best ingredients to a lasting relationship. In this article, we will share great tips on where to enjoy luxury dining and spa treats in Bath designed for couples.

Couples who spend time together in another location become more significantly satisfied with their relationship, enjoy intimate life better, and greatly improve romance. That’s why embarking on holiday adventures such as the options offered by TOAD outdoor activities can definitely create a better bond with your loved one.

Romantic Getaway Options in Bath

Apart from being able to see scenic places rich in culture and history, a grand European tour isn’t complete without stopping by England. In this particular country, the city of Bath is one place that offers a wide array of couple activities, luxurious spas, and hotels.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

If you’re planning a trip to Bath with your partner, here are some of the best locations to enjoy fantastic deals in luxury dining and relaxation:

Homewood Park Hotel & Spa

The Homewood Park Hotel & Spa boasts of its award-winning gardens that offer an exclusive and luxurious ambiance designed to create a feeling of being relaxed and rejuvenated. It houses a hydrotherapy pool, sauna and steam room, and a heated outside swimming pool.

Homewood Park Hotel entrance

Homewood Park Hotel entrance

Meanwhile, the Homewood Park Restaurant is famous for its award-winning food and relaxing atmosphere where very couple can experience luxury dining at its finest.

The Bath Priory Hotel, Restaurant & Spa

This local tourist destination was built in 1835 following a gothic architecture design. Just like most of the hotels and spas in Bath, this facility is surrounded by acres of award-winning gardens where the hotel grows most of its herbs and vegetables. It houses an outdoor an indoor pool where guests can use the gym, sauna and steam room.

Priory Hotel & Spa indoor pool

Priory Hotel & Spa indoor pool

The Bath Priory also provides an exceptional standard of accommodation wherein each individual suite has its own characteristics with separate sitting rooms, luxury bedrooms, handcrafted furniture, and majestic views of the garden.

Its restaurant offers a culinary journey with fresh, local produce infused into flavorful modern French dishes.

Lucknam Park

Lucknam Park is an exquisite hotel and spa set in 500 acres surrounded by a lush garden. This was built in 1720, located at the corner of Southern England. Each of the 42 bedrooms carries a unique design, including 13 remarkable suites that provide a luxurious foundation for a great escapade.

Lucknam Park Hotel garden

Lucknam Park Hotel garden

It houses 9 state-of-the-art treatment rooms, as well as 5 thermal cabins (Amethyst Room, Aromatic Steam, Sauna, Japanese Room, and Tepidarium). The Lucknam Park offers skin care products for the spa from appointed French spa specialists ESPA. It also has Yoga and Pilates Studio, Dry Flotation Suite, and Haslauer Reflective Sunlight Therapy Room to complete your Bath experience.

Additionally, its spa features a contemporary dining experience that offers an open space kitchen and a wood-fired oven where the food is prepared using seasonal local ingredients.

Additional Tips For Couples Traveling to Bath

To optimize your Bath dining and spa experience, here are some more tips to let you enjoy the best that the city has to offer:

  • Roam around the city to experience the richness of Bath’s architecture and culture. Prepare to be amazed with eye-popping visuals of Georgian architecture.
  • Spend some time in Roman bathhouses, which have stood the test of time and have been well-preserved for locals and tourists to enjoy.
  • Visit some of Bath’s picturesque landmarks such as Royal Crescent and the Circus.

In other words, as a conclusion, let’s say Bath is the perfect place in the U.K. to enjoy and indulge in a little piece heaven on earth :)


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    I love indoor pools. It’s nice to swim under the open sky, but the surrounding of interesting architecture adds a unique style to every pool! Greetings from Nice :)

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