A week in Florence

A week in Florence

Third time in Florence and we still had lot of surprises: visit of many museums, enjoy new restaurants and spend lot of money at the Outlet The Mall… Maybe an entire week in Florence is a bit too much but for sure you will never be disappointed by the plenty of choices for entertainment, culture and luxury shopping.

We stayed at the Firenze Number Nine, a very chic and quite cheap boutique-hotel located in the center (5 minutes walk from the Duomo) with very large and totally refurbished rooms, free access to The Klab – the biggest fitness center in Florence – and one of the best breakfast we had in Italy ; we wrote a review about this Conde Nast Johanses awarded hotel that you can find in our dedicated section.

For fashionistas I recommend especially the Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo museums – right in the Florence city center – which higlight brands’ history in a playful and dreamy way ; such nice to see great haute-couture pieces in one of the most romantic and full of history city. At the end of the day you can enjoy dinner at Ciro’s and Sons – our favorite Florence restaurant for pizza – or at Lungarno Bistrot – renowned for its famous ” bistecca alla fiorentina”, an amazing piece of beef roasted – but be careful if you want to experiment a restaurant on your own as there are many tourist traps in the center…

To resume, I guess you don’t necessarily have to think in advance about your trip and potential activities ; just take your flight tickets, book a nice hotel and that’s it. Once arrived, rest assured you will always have something interesting to do or to discover in this magical city.

Trip from January 25th to 31st 2014

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