Luxurious Bicycle Tours in France for Wine and Culinary Immersion

Bicycle tour in France

There’s nothing more extravagant that planning an entire vacation around the gourmet foods and expertly curated wines. Taking a luxurious bicycle tour in France is the definition of indulgence. Eating magnificent food while keeping those calories at bay with the fantastic cardio of cycling! First class dining, cooking classes, breath-taking views, expert guides, and so much more!

Finding the right tour is as easy as picking the number of Michelin stars you want at each meal. Travel through Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Provence, or even make your way through the Tour de France! Immerse yourself in as much of the fine dining and fine wines that France has to offer.

What You Should Include

There’s no such thing as a price tag for making memories, but there is one for an all-inclusive, fine dining, wine country, cycling experience. Knowing what’s typically included on these fabulous tours will certainly divulge its worth.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting

  • Luxury accommodations every night
  • Breakfast, gourmet dinners, picnics
  • Snacks and drinks during breaks
  • Artisanal, local, and extravagant wines
  • All transportation needs
  • All your luggage requirements

That’s only the basics! Most tours also include private cooking classes, cycling and nutritional support from expert riders, and all of the amenities to make for a once in a lifetime trip.

Cycling Experience

Unbelievable sights and ever expanding scenic views are yours to soak in while you cycle through French wine country. Guided bicycle tour will include experienced cyclist guides who will help you choose the right style of bike for you. The type of bike will depend on what type of terrain you’ll be riding through, and your desired level of ease.

Typically you can rent a hybrid bike or a road bike. When choosing between a hybrid bike vs. a road bike, make sure to consult with your tour guides! 

Food and Wine

Experiencing the culture, foods, and opulent wine choices of France will set your journey high above your expectations. Enjoy famous wines from Bordeaux, Provence, and enticing local artisanal wines!

Les Prés d'Eugénie - Michel Gérard 3 Michelin stars

Les Prés d’Eugénie – Michel Gérard 3 Michelin stars

Dine at Michelin starred restaurants throughout your exciting trek. You could enjoy a mouth-watering course at Auberge du Bon Laboureur in the scenic Chenonceaux after a day of visiting fairytale castles. Or bask in the glorious ocean views of Basque country and dine at Les Prés d’Eugénie. Luxury biking tours will take you through to some of the finest restaurants in France!


Your cycling tour will include nothing but the best accommodations while you make your way through the French countryside. Some of the finest bed and breakfasts, the regalest hotels, and the highest quality vineyard stays.

Le Relais de Franc Mayne - Saint Emilion

Le Relais de Franc Mayne – Saint Emilion

Enjoy the beautiful vineyards at Saint Emilion at the Relais Franc Mayne. Take in the sumptuousness of La Verrière near the beautiful Mont Ventoux! Relax in the lavish comforts of these spectacular hotels after a day of rewarding cycling and superb food!

Challenging or Leisurely Rides

The locations you visit on your tour will be entirely up to you. Tours are planned and operate around the level of experience you and your group have as cyclists. Normally you can choose between a beginner, moderate, or a more challenging level of cycling proficiency.

  • Beginner levels are certainly more leisurely. These tours will take you through hillsides and cities, but won’t be too strenuous during your few days of riding.
  • Moderate difficulty should include more laborious trails and a few mountainsides. This will typically involve the hills of Bordeaux, or traveling through the historical Loire Valley.
  • Challenging tours will not only take you to the limits of your cycling expertise, but take you farther through France than most tours. There are even tours that let you make your way through the classic Tour de France bicycle race!
Tour de France

Tour de France

Take a chance

Great for groups, couples, or even an individual experience, a luxurious bicycle tour through France will challenge your body, entice your tastes, and create magical memories. Food and wine tours offer something for everyone!

Michelin star restaurants and gourmet treats along your journey for the opulent foodie in the group. Scenic and historical views for the photog in the family. Rich and robust wines for the amateur sommelier. Take a leap, or a ride of faith, and relish in all the lavishness of a luxury bicycle tour in France!

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