How To Feel The Real Mediterranean On A Luxurious Sailing Tour

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The Mediterranean – or Med for short – is by far the most popular destination of choice for luxurious sailing tours. The area covers a huge diversity of cultures and countries that you should experience. Best of all, all these destinations are relatively close together so you can have action-packed and convenient itineraries easily.

When people hear of the Mediterranean, they think of the beauty of the Greek islands, the French Riviera, the mystical Italian coastlines and un-spoilt cruising grounds of Turkey. On top of this, the European yachting infrastructure is second to none. You will find plenty of beautiful marinas with beautiful yachts that can be chartered; in addition to restaurants, shops, bars, and all the conveniences you would need.

Bursting with history and culture, the Med ports and islands are a fast favorite for the ultimate luxury holiday. In order to get the full experience of this destination through tours organized by companies like Ocean Elements, it helps to know about the following hottest destinations.

Corsica Island

Found in the French Mediterranean, the solitary, wild Corsica Island is a chartered yacht paradise with some of the best cruising western Mediterranean grounds. Also, it has plenty to offer divers, history enthusiasts, beach lovers, culture buffs, epicureans, and hikers.
Corsica is strategically in the middle of Sardinia, Tuscany and the French Riviera, which is why it features a unique culture that borrows from all these locations. The island features a windy and rugged West coast, while the East coast is well protected from the wind. According to professionals, the ideal sojourn for a luxury charter is two weeks.

Sailing in Corsica

Sailing in Corsica

The island brings you contrasts of nature, from the tranquil coves and bays of golden sand to rugged mountain outcrops. As a guest to the island, you get a chance to view a huge array of attractions and landscapes, both man-made and natural. The Romanesque chapels of Castagniccia, fortification of Bonifacio and Calvi’s  history will be a top attraction for history buffs. The residents have also put up museums, preserved important archeological sites and host plenty of theater and music festivals that run all through the year.

Corsica’s coastline is 300 nautical miles, with 12 yacht harbors and 20 moorings close to pleasant attractions and a good selection of restaurants. The climate is temperate all through the year as Corsica with an average of a pleasant 25 degrees Centigrade to a high of 35 degrees in July and August.

A constant presence of brisk sea breeze makes Corsica the ideal charter destination for anyone interested in paragliding, windsurfing, jet skiing, fishing or even scuba diving. Once there, make sure you sample some of the beautiful spots, including:

  • Calvi
  • Scandola Reserve
  • Cargese
  • Ajaccio

French Riviera

Cote d’Azur – azure coast – is France’s gift to the Mediterranean that stretches all the way from the Italian border to Cassis. The French Riviera has always been a symbol of sophistication, celebrity life, glamor and luxury yacht charter experiences. Plus, this location is a magnet for anyone seeking pleasure and sunshine, not necessarily in that order.

The coastline is found along the Mediterranean Sea and features towns with beautiful names like Cannes, Saint Tropez, Nice, and Monaco. Each of these towns also offers visitors attractive stopover points for yacht charterers.

The towns are home to casinos and nightclubs, hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, and superlative boutiques. However, it still maintains its quaint appeal with fishing villages, beach clubs and produce markets.

Monaco - Monte Carlo

Monaco – Monte Carlo

For luxury itineraries, the Riviera has plenty of sheltered bays, marinas, anchorages, and pockets of pristine waterways. Examples of waterways include Bay d’Agay, Porquerolles, and Lerin Islands where you are free to drop anchor at some secluded beach. Getting to Riviera is easy due to the Nice International Airport that offers easy international access, with convenient helicopter connections to Monaco and St. Tropez. Monaco is the epicenter of luxury yachts as it hosts the Monaco Yacht Show, which is dedicated to lavish, large vessels in September every year.

Some of the classic must-visit locations of the French Riviera include the stretch from Nice to Monaco, which brings you attractions such as:

  • Nice
  • Villefranche-Sur-Mer
  • Eze
  • Monaco
  • Menton


Also known as the thousand islands, Croatia is another yacht destination that features plenty of harbors, islands, historic towns, and quaint seaside villages. The best way to explore this area is in your very own privately crewed sailing boat.
Of late, Croatia has become one of the favorite destinations for charterers and superyacht owners. The pristine islands, charming coastal villages, and picturesque coastlines of Croatia offer visitors a huge range of itineraries for the ultimate luxury yacht experience.
Whether you prefer exploring ancient ruins, water sports, relaxation or delving into local delicacies, a luxury sailing boat offers you endless opportunities to enjoy this awe-inspiring region. The secluded towns and anchorages are steeped in history while offering you backgrounds for your photos that are postcard perfect.

Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

The cruising distances are short, you can set your days at a leisurely pace since harbors, and islands lie at convenient intervals all through the cruising area. You can enjoy a relaxing combination that involves mooring at town quays, modern marinas and in quiet anchorages.


For hundreds of years, the name Greece has been synonymous with the sea and sailing. With more than 2,000 islands and numerous miles of coastlines for exploring, Greece is a magnificent destination.
Every time you visit Greece, expect to get a charter experience that’s unlike your last one. The climate is suitable for chartering seven months in a year, from April through October. In fact, most popular charter yachts are booked a year in advance for the July/August mid-summer. However, it’s best to avoid some areas due to seasonal winds which can be especially strong in July and August.

Greece - Zakynthos sea beach

Greece – Zakynthos sea beach

The most famous island group in Greece is the Cyclades, which is in the Aegean Sea with some of the most idyllic island destinations. The Cyclades offer you pristine sandy beaches and shimmering azure water, picturesque chapels and hospitable local people.
The Ionian islands run from Greece’s mainland west coast, and they are steeped in beauty and history, making them the perfect destination for your crewed luxury yacht charter. One of the reasons you should visit the Ionian is the distinctive landscape and cultural history of each of the five island jewels.

If you are looking for unspoiled, lesser-known destinations, include Leros or Pserimos in your itinerary; for the more cosmopolitan stops, Kos and Rhodes are great attractions. The cruising ground is divided into two main itineraries, southern and northern with Kos in the middle.

Get Ready for a Vacation Like No Other!

The Med is one of the world’s largest yacht charter vacation grounds with an incredible choice of sailing boats of all sizes and levels of luxury. As a luxury charter guest, you’ll avoid most of the onshore tourist crowds that occur in July and August.

Another great time to charter your luxury yacht in the Mediterranean is during the shoulder seasons of June and September. These periods fall on either side of the region’s summer season with inviting temperatures, fewer tourists and a greater choice of anchorages and berths.

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