The Most Trending Engagement Rings of 2019

The Most Trending Engagement Rings of 2019

Finally making the decision to pop the question to your significant other is exhilarating and heart-pounding all at the same time. There are a lot of things to think through when choosing where and when your big moment will happen, not to mention looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Enjoy the rest of your 2019 summer vacation trip, take the weight off your shoulders and read this guide to the most luxurious and most popular engagement rings and all their details which will help you find her the ring of her dreams.

Halo Rings

Hidden halo diamond engagement ring

One of today’s most famous engagement rings are the halo rings. Rings with halo settings feature center stones being surrounded by several other stones, usually in circular or rectangular shapes which give the appearance of an angel’s shining halo. This setting also makes the center stone look larger and it adds that extra sparkle compared to other ring types.

According to a famous jewelry provider, there has been a trend in halo ring styles like floral, geometric and lacy in order to make their engagement rings one-of-a-kind. One particular unique halo rings style that has caught our attention was the “hidden halo”. This is the perfect type of engagement ring for someone who loves a halo ring design but wants their stone to really stand out on their own. Hidden halos come in various forms but they can be totally hidden or semi-hidden underneath the center stone when you are looking at the diamond from a top view perspective.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold engagement ring

Platinum and white gold are ageless, while rose gold is perfect for all kinds of skin tones. However, the metal that is really trending right now is yellow gold! Besides being gorgeously looking, there are a few other reasons why yellow gold is in-demand. First, yellow gold is easier to maintain compared to white gold. You also have more flexibility when it comes to the color of your ring’s center diamond. When you opt to put a diamond in white gold or platinum, the color of the diamond will be paler. However, if you put the same diamond on yellow gold, the diamond will appear whiter, adding more sparkle to your ring.

Mixed Stones

Mixed stones engagement ring

This year has brought a surprising trend of mixed gems to partner with diamonds. You can choose among stunning sapphires, garnet and emeralds to add to your engagement ring to make it more unique. Other rings can feature alternative stones enveloped by diamonds such as Princess Diana’s beloved sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Fancy-Cut Diamonds

Unusual cut engagement ring

A fancy-cut diamond is any diamond cut that is not round. Since big natural diamonds are getting rarer by the second, a fancy-cut diamond is your perfect choice if you want your engagement ring to make a huge statement. Stones with elongated shapes such as oval and pear look larger compared to round-cut diamonds of similar weight.

Pear Cut

Pear cut engagement ring

With most recently engaged celebrities being attracted to fancy-cut diamonds, the pear-cut has become even more popular for a good reason – the cut and feminine curves make it the most luxurious and flattering diamond shape of all. Today, jewelers are pairing these with diamond halos which highlight the diamond’s shape while enhancing its sparkle.

These engagement ring trends are a great starting point, especially if you have no idea what are the best rings in the market. However, don’t let these trends dictate which ring fits your partner perfectly. When choosing for the ideal perfect engagement ring, follow what your heart is saying and keep in mind what makes it skip a beat. Good luck on your proposal and happy ring searching!

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