Must-Have Luxurious Skin Treatments Before Your Next Beach Vacation

Must-Have Luxurious Skin Treatments Before Your Next  Beach Vacation

If you are making a trip to the tropics or the exclusive beaches of the French Riviera you will want your skin to be looking its best. You can sport a smooth and supple glow all over your body with the right pre-vacation luxury treatments for your skin. 

With the best-looking skin, you can get off the private jet and head out to the beach or the ballroom with ease. Why worry about shaving or waxing or any imperfect blemishes while you are trying to enjoy your restful vacation?

If you ramp up your regular skincare routine you can greet your vacation destination with youthful and energized skin. So get ready to hit the road and put your best skin on display for the world to see.

Buff Your Body

Skin exfoliation

Great looking skin starts with exfoliation. Removing the dead or dry skin cells from your body helps to initiate new collagen production and cell renewal. One of the most effective ways to rejuvenate your look is to have a chemical peel. This gentle mixture of chemicals helps to lift and remove older and more damaged layers of skin. In just under an hour you can have supple and fresh skin that will look and feel great for months.

Facial Treatments

Facial treatment by Juvederm

As time passes your face can naturally lose some of its fullness and volume. If you want to look your best when you leave for vacation you can recapture some of that youthful look with a Juvederm treatment. This alternative to collagen fillers uses acid found naturally in the body to help smooth out the look of your skin.

Drooping skin along the jawline, loss of fullness around the mouth and cheeks and even fine lines around the eyes and brow can be erased with this innovative and safe procedure. This highly effective treatment can give you remarkable results while leaving you looking like yourself.

Keeping the delicate skin of your face moisturized is one of the best ways to maintain a soft and youthful look. Make sure to take your favorite moisturizer with SPF with you when you leave for vacation. 

Clear Up Blemishes

Mole examination by a dermatologist

 If you have any moles or skin tags that you would like to get rid of, now is the time. This quick and painful procedure can be done in just minutes using the best in laser technology by experienced estheticians such as the professionals at DermMedica. With minimal healing time, you can have your unsightly moles or skin tags removed and be ready to board your vacation flight in just days.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal

Before you hit the beach or throw on a pair of biking shorts for a tour through wine country you might want to make sure that your legs and bikini area are ready for the public. If you are a fan of waxing you should make your appointment only a day or two prior to leaving for your trip. 

Although waxing can give you a smooth look and feel it might not last as long as you need it to for the duration of your trip. There is also a permanent solution. You could arrange to have laser hair removal and forget about ever shaving or waxing again.


No one wants to worry about how great their skin looks when they are trying to relax on their vacation. By following some of these luxurious holiday prep tips you can have gloriously radiant skin from head to toe when you are ready to set off on your vacation adventure.

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