Disturbed by Conrad New York

Disturbed by Conrad New York

For a first stay in US, I wanted my hotel to be perfect especially because we had to spend an entire week in the same city, New York. Indeed usually I book just 2 or 3 days in a place and then we go away ; for this trip it was impossible as I went with my family and for their holidays they like to be… Leasurely ! So the choice of the hotel was very important. As a constraint, I planned to use my HHonors points (Hilton membership) because NYC is an expansive city and my campanions didn’t want to spend as much as I am used to. So among a large choice of Hilton properties, I prefered what I considered a safe bet : the unique and brand new Conrad property in south Manhattan.

Unfortunately, this choice was sad: poor service, poor restaurant and quite poor accomodation… Well, this is a rude comment but we have been treated so rudely from the check-in to the check-out that it is pretty appropriate. Moreover for a first US stay, I am strongly frustrated ; at least next time could only be better. Check the restaurant review, it is probably the most dark point of this hotel.

This Conrad New York opened at the end of March 2012, is composed of 463 guest suites all with bedroom and separate living-room. We opted for two different kind of suite, one Deluxe Suite (40sqm) at 459USD/night and one Premier Suite (70sqm) with HHonor points.


Conrad New York - Lobby

Conrad New York – Lobby

Common areas are quite cold and don’t invit to relaxation… The lobby is more like a hard bank hall than a cosy and warm place, as it should be. Sure, it is well-designed and clean everywhere, and usually I like minimalist style ; but here space is too huge and there is so few staff hidden behind massive pillars that you feel uncomfortable as soon as you arrive. Moreover, at the entrance (whether North or South) you are alone – what about security ? – and must go at the first level to reach this lobby with no indication.

You think you can at least spend some time quietly at the fitness center ? No ! My living-room is probably greater than this small gym room ; sorry for the absence of picture, but I counted maximum 7 equipments.

Open-air corridors are probably the only positive point: surprising and unexpected for this kind of hotel.


Conrad New York - Deluxe Suite bed

Conrad New York – Deluxe Suite bed

Guest suites are the second shame in this hotel ; don’t forget that daily rates for our suites are 459 USD for the Superior Suite and 850 USD for the Premier Suite.

In the first one, there is no bathtube, so forget to spend some relax time after a walking day in the streets… Although the suite was supposed ti look directly at the World Trade Center, you can only see when you are in front of the window looking at the top left in the street ; of course all rooms have the same view.

In the Premier Suite, ok it is larger but still no bathtube, just a half-tube for kids. For us the views was supposed to be on the Hudson river, but the facing building doesn’t allow it… Here also, you have the view only ​in the corner.

Regarding daily rates, this is clearly not acceptable for a supposed 5-star hotel.


God… This is THE shame of this hotel. The day we checked-in, we already knew that we were not able to have relax time in our suites ; the first morning we have known that we were also not able to have a correct breakfast !

What a scam, the continental breakfast at 28USD/person is composed of : 1 glass of orange juice + 1 tea or 1 coffee + 1 yogurt or 4 pieces of bread. Is it a joke ?! I you want to have 2 glasses of orange juice or 1 yogurt + bread, you have to pay for extras… I don’t understand how, 6 months after the opening, nobody tell them they were crooks !

Of course for this reason I completely avoid this restaurant for lunch and dinner.

Level of exigency

Service ? I would say lack of service… Suite cleaned at 4pm, no turn-down service or during the cleaning, you have to ask for bath products and still water…

And the same quality of service at the front desk: the second day I asked to cancel and go elsewhere, the man just say “Ok no problem, it’s 150 USD/room for early departure” without any smile, without any question to know why I wanted to leave, etc. Are all the staff in an internship ? Did Conrad climb to Ibis level ? I don’t know, but it is far away from a 5-star service quality.

Stay from October 2nd to 8th 2012

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