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Review of Business Class flights enjoyed during business or leisure trips.

Review: Etihad Airways A380 Business Class

There are many options to travel East from Europe. Emirate companies are definitely interesting when it comes to business class trips, like Emirates or Qatar Airways. Let’s do the focus on the latest offer onboard Etihad Airways A380 aircraft, flying from Paris to Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways is probably not as popular as Emirates, but it has for sure the…
Paris, France
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Flying Korean Air Prestige Class Aboard A380

I tested many Asian business classes in the past few years, from Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines airline for instance, and I was delighted to compare them with the famous Korean Air Prestige Class. I boarded a Korean Air A380 aircraft for a long-haul flight between Seoul and Paris to experiment it. Korean Air made big investments in the past…
Seoul, South Korea
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Onboarding China Airlines Business Class For A Short-Haul Flight

Some people don’t care about the travel when it comes to short-haul flights. Well, I agree a 1-hour or 2-hour flight is not painful even in Economy class, but do you consider ground services? Check-in and waiting time sometimes worth the extra value of a Business class ticket for their optimization, and that’s precisely the case with China Airlines. Taipei…
Taipei, Taiwan
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A Smooth Journey Aboard EVA Air Royal Laurel Class

Flying Business Class from Singapore to Taipei offers many possibilities in term of airlines. I already tried Singapore Airlines few years before, so I decided to focus on the Taiwanese company EVA Airways and its Royal Laurel Class. Guess what? It’s one of the best product in the area and also one of the cheapest! For a European traveller like…
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Inside the new Air France Business Class

Launched in 2016, the new Air France Business Class offers high-end services to passengers that finally allow the company to be one of the most advanced of the industry. Better late than never! Until last year, if you had asked a frequent long-haul business traveler its opinion about Air France, he was probably going to laugh before explaining with many arguments…
Hong Kong
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