Delta Airlines Business Class, an old fashion style

Delta Airlines Business Class, an old fashion style

When you want to use your miles for a complimentary round trip in business class, rule #1 says you have to look for the cheaper tickets. The only choice I had to go to New York with my miles via a direct flight was to take Delta Airlines Business Class ; well, I definitely have to change my rule #1, because this is a good example of miles wasting… Yes I have been disappointed by this airline class – and if you look at our Conrad New York review, you will understand that our US stay was just a mess – so I will try to focus on positive points.

Seat Experience

Delta Airlines Business Class - Seat

Delta Airlines Business Class – Seat

We booked 2 side by side seats on the left row in the 2-3-2 Delta Airlines business class configuration. The seat is globally good, full leather style but unfortunately you can incline it only at 120°… For sure this is a very old style seat, we know that currently DA is upgrading that category for european flights ; what a good idea! Because even the entertainment system is cheap with the 8 inch screen (!!!) and the few quantity of movies – let’s say 5 recent movies + old ones – that are fortunately in several languages, at least. Crew members were thankfully very aware of our needs and take care of us during the whole flight ; OK, Delta is good regarding service quality.


Delta Airlines Business Class - Main dish

Delta Airlines Business Class – Main dish

We enjoyed one lunch and one dinner during our day flight to New York, so it allows us to have a good overview of Delta Airways catering quality ; surprise, it’s not bad! Indeed I was impressed to be served a succulent Margarita pizza and a supreme of chicken as main dishes, perfect to land with a large smile :) Maybe this is due to Paris departure, as you may know Paris is well-known for its catering preparation. By the way, very large selection of complimentary beverages (soft or alcoholic) so the catering was definitely the light point of our 7-hour trip.

CDG to JFK, day flight on B767 in October 2012.

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